Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Happy Wifey Moment #3

The happy wifey moment segment continues,,, hehehe,,, ang oa ko na kaya last na to hahaha,,, 

My entire day spent on  our bed, I am too lazy today siguro tumatanda na hehehe,, dami na nararamdaman. I told my husband na hindi masarap ang ulam, just boiled his chicken breast (his diet meal) and bahala na lang ako kung ano kainin ko (ayaw ko kasi nun). Eto naman ang gusto ko sa asawa ko happy wifey moment talaga he asked me to meet him sa sentrum although medyo late na sya nakaalis ng office, summer na kasi and I need a new shoes, naawa na ako sa pedro shoes ko ang tagal na ako na yung naggigive up sa kanya kaya if gusto nyo ng magandang quality na shoes I recommend Pedro talaga. I was eyeing for this shoes for quite sometime na and this is the perfect timing to buy it. 

I love the advocacy of TOMS, that when I opened this box of happiness, somewhere out there another child will also get the same happiness. :) It is really a great feeling knowing that i'll be able to help even in a simplest way that I can. 

It is very comfy and very light sa paa, medyo bumibigat na kasi ulit ako kaya I need something na light sa paa, at mahaba haba din kasi ang lakad dito. I saw some classic designs kaso wala akong makita na gusto kong kulay, kaya I chose this, I love the design girly girly pa din :)

After that, we went to Egon for our dinner, we where there once and we liked the food kaya we decided to have our dinner there.

very romantic and cozy :) 

after dinner we went home na HHWW hihihi! :) 

kayo how's your day? :)

Friday, May 23, 2014

Foodie: Adobong Puti

Hello friendships, 

If you are on a diet please stop and don't scroll down, if you decided to continue don't blame me ha, you've been warned :)

I super love adobo yan, my all time favorite kaso mo dahil nagkakaedad na ako e iniiwasan ko na talaga ang pork, minsan after ko kumain sasabihin ko sa sarili ko na di ako nasayahan hihihi,,, 
My husband also love my adobo, yung usual with soy sauce, but we have our housemate before who cooked adobong puti,,, ang sarap!!! But it will take a lot of courage for me to cook it because of the prito prito part, ayyyy galit na galit ang mantika, honestly I didn't get the same taste of what my housemate did pero masarap pa din sya, may sauce kasi yung sa housemate ko dati which maybe I need to add more vinegar. 


2 kg pork (i used liempo and some parang pork chop)
garlic (i used 2 heads)
salt and pepper
bay leaves
1 cup of water

Seasoned the pork with salt and pepper, add the rest of ingredients. Let it simmer for 1 hour (slow cooking is the secret to make the pork super tender), pagmalambot na ang pork, heat the pan and put olive oil and fry the pork (set aside the sauce), after it turned a little brown pour the sauce and let it simmer for about 15 mins. 

Serve and Enjoy! :) 

Happy Wifey Moment #2

Have you heard of 5 Love Languages? Ako alam na alam ko na Act of Service at receiving gifts yung sa akin, kasi gysto ko tala yung may effort ligaw pa lang pamantayan ko na yun, at i love receiving gifts or letters din kahit simple very appreciative ako. Kaya buti na lang masipag ang asawa ko, and he is well organized din without any expectation na maging ganun din ako hehehe no choice sya kasi ganun na nya ako nakilala nung college pa, ang bait din kasi talaga ng Inay, she never required me to do household chores, she lets me sleep during weekends until late morning, when my aunt will compare me to my cousins, my Inay will simply say "matututo din yan pagdating ng araw" true enough natuto din naman ako magluto, natuto din naman akong maglinis (not sure lang kung papasa sa iba hahaha) and natututo din akong itrain ang asawa ko kung ano lang ang kaya ko hehehe, nasa training lang yan, at totoo na opposite attracts hehehe,, God gave me to someone who can compensate my weaknesses,,, Thank You Lord! :) 

Thank You Lord sa masipag na asawa. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Happy Place Ikea :)

Hi ladies, 

Side kwento muna, we celebrated our 7th anniversary last week, no gift giving and no grand celebration, I didn't picture it that way, in fact last year I promised not to celebrate our anniv here, but because we were in a tipid mode, and major thing was Mark wanted to buy a TV na (hindi na makahintay) I agreed even if it wasn't the same brand i was eyeing for, basta non-nego sa akin yung size kaya we both compromised naman, kaya super tipid mode kami, and I told him to skipped the gift giving for our anniv and to celebrate that day in the most simplest way :) heheheh,,, so there we stayed at home, he cooked our brunch and then we attended a bbq party at night. No one knew that it was our anniversary, some of my friends and family members just pm'ed me in facebook, I also skipped my traditional anniv message/post in FB and asked hubby the same thing. 

We visited Ikea today to buy a tv rack, I searched online that fits our budget, kaso nga lang we paid 515 nok for the taxi (boo!) konting difference lang kasi pag ipapadeliver. 

Everytime I went to Ikea, these are always on my list

Scented Candles! :) 

At dahil super tipid mode kami, got this plates for 5 nok lang or (approx 35 pesos) original price I think was 25 nok... lot of savings hooray! medyo kulang kasi plates namin pag may bisita. We have the same plates in beige color kaya oks na din kahit brown :)

Yesterday, we bought orchids, kasi may isa na ako na gift ng friend ko dito, sabi ko kay Mark kailangan nya ng kasama.

Yung smaller yung kahapon namin nabili, we named her Mathilda, the big one is Martha. 

Tapos today sa Ikea, we found varieties of orchids, and super mura pa, yung 3 with pots na e mas mura pa sa nabili namin kahapon. 

Namely: from L-R Magda, Mathilda, Marthena, Martha and Marsha :)

Ang gaganda nila noh? :)

And here is what my husband assembled today :) 

Life is not always easy but contentment is the key :) 

hugs and kisses ladies!!! :) 

Happy Wifey Moment #1

Since we celebrated our 7th year together last week, I want to document and also to show my appreciation on the simplest gestures of my husband to make me a happy wifey. This is also my way to strengthen our marriage and to keep the relationship happy. 

Yesterday, on his way home after throwing our garbage, he stood outside the window and caught my attention, when I turned to him he was holding a flower, so cute, I fell in love all over again with so much kiligness, that moment reminded me of our ligawan phase, did I tell you that when he was courting me, one time in the library, he handed me an envelop made of paper but inside was another envelop and another until I reached to the smallest envelop with a message of I LOVE YOU in it, too corny hahaha but he stole my heart that very moment (oh hon alam mo na hehehe :))

So lucky to have you! :)

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Outfit Yesterday: Flowery Blue

Hi girls! 

I'm back, healthy and strong :)

Daan lang ako, just because I love this dress outfit post muna. i missed this, it's been a while since my last outfit shot. The weather is getting nicer and nicer, thick and heavy jackets are out! Yeah!!!

Dress: Bershka
Leggings: H&M
Watch: MK
Shoes: Zara (di nakasama sa picture wahehe)

Friday, May 9, 2014

Aw Sick :)

hi Ladies,

Musta na kayo? Ay naku tinamaan ako ng sakit, I am perfectly fine yesterday, lumabas lang kami to buy something for a potluck party na aattendan namin today sana, I even watched 24 tapos nung tutulog na ako sobrang init na ng pakiramdam ko. I feel pain sa balakang, thighs at braso ko, wahhh wag naman sana trangkaso, but up to now mainit pa din ako. I drink lots of water at saging lang lunch ko, I don't feel like eating. 

anyways happy weekend to everyone!!! got to go, sakit ng ulo ko :(

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Foodie: Chicken with Rosemary and Thyme in Cream Sauce

Hello friendships!!!
Lapit na ang Mother's Day, hayyy I miss my Inay so much, kung malapit lang ang Pilipinas,,,
Anyways, baka gusto nyo ipagluto mga mother nyo this is very easy peasy recipe at napakahealthy pa.
My husband kasi joined yung parang cycling race so we are preparing his body kaya need nya ng protein sa diet nya at medyo kailangan mabawasan ang carbohydrates, di naman talaga kailangan career-in kasi wala namang prize yun pero syempre kailangan safety first, saka para hindi sya mahirapan gaano sa race.

Kaya I prepared this for him =)  (Hon, sulit ang flowers hihihi)

Lemon Chicken with Rosemary and Thyme in Cream  Sauce


Chicken Fillet
Salt and Pepper
Lime (or Lemon)
Milk (for the sauce)

Rub the chicken fillet with salt and pepper, thyme and rosemary, marinate in lime or lemon for about 30 minutes (medyo nagmamadali kasi ako pero mas matagal mas masarap).
Melt the butter in a medium heat pan and fry the chicken fillet.

For the sauce
In the same pan, put the marinade juice stir for 1 minute, put some milk (ung dito kasi flote yung tawag parang thick milk parang evaporated milk siguro), let it simmer until medyo thick na yung sauce.

Serve and Enjoy !!! =)

Simple Happiness

Hi Ladies!!!

How are you? Eto, I just saw this yesterday, just a reminder to all of us to be extra sensitive to other people around us =)

I am always careful with my words whenever I talk to someone, sabi nga nila ang tahimik ko at tipid magsalita, sometimes I don't really want to react kasi I am afraid to say something wrong unintentionally, pero minsan others are being insensitive. For instance, I've been jobless for a year now, it may not be a choice but really there's no opportunity coming my way, ano magagawa ko andito ang asawa ko at itinuro ng Inay kung saan ang asawa mo doon ka. There's ongoing recession here which started last quarter of last year reason why it is hard to find a job. I can finish 2 movies in a day, learning some recipes, blog hopping, sometimes we go out but since we are in a budget we don't go out as often as before plus the weather pa pag malamig nakakatamad talaga lumabas, minsan nakakainip talaga as in, but sometimes I will hear directly pa to others na Oh zig na istuck ka na dito sa norway, o kaya in a group conversation someone will say na I can't imagine myself jobless orwhen I was jobless and  just at home nakakabaliw!, truth is I get hurt and awkward yung feeling, minsan I don't know how to react sinasabi ko na lang parang ako, but some naman I get was like a concern na asking kung hindi ako naiinip that one super appreciated ko, so far I am same as before medyo baliw pa din hihihi!
My husband appreciates everything naman, that I sacrificed my career and be just here beside him, so happy naman ako sa decision namin, and our main reason naman talaga is to be together bonus na if I get a job, that is what he always telling me, and he is also doing his best to make me feel secure and well entertained hehehe pag naiinip na ako hehehe.

Actually segwey lang itetch dapat e, napahaba na ang daldal ko talaga hihihi. 

Eto talaga game na... 

I got my pasalubongs yesterday from a friend (many thanks to you!) who just came back from Philippines, ay pag Philippine products talaga ginto sa paningin ko, like ang daming cheese dito pero iba pa din ang Eden Cheese di ba, a lot of yummy cakes here but nothing beats ube macapuno cake ng Red Ribbon, dahil happy eaters tayong mga pinoy there were a lot of restaurants I want to try, hay,, and mga spa, derma, parlors, na gustong gusto ko maexperience, usong uso sa atin mga staycation sa hotels,, beach hay ang sarap mangarap.

 But for now I will enjoy muna these yummy treats. Simple Happiness!!!

Mga Friends who are in the Philippines,,

Super yummy nito na bawat kagat ko I can't help myself to utter the words "ANG SARAP!!!" konti konti nga kagat ko ninamnam ko talaga, hehehe,,, ikain nyo na lang ako ulit hehehe,, 4 pcs yung laman nyan e, 1 lang nakain ni mark pinalamang na sa akin yung 3 hahaha,, (kawawa hihihi)

Yesterday my husband brought me some flowers..Simple Happiness!,, ngayon advantage ng housewife, I appreciate more the things he is doing for me, mas nakikita ko yung efforts nya to make me happy (LEGAL WIFE) wahehehe siningit lang,, nanunuod ba kau nyan Legal Wife trending palagi sa facebook yan hihihi,, pinapanood ko din yung Ikaw Lamang ang gaganda ng background music tagos sa puso hehehe.

Enjoy the day!!! mwahugs!!! =)

Monday, May 5, 2014

Foodie: Creamy Seafood Pasta

Hello Ladies!!! 

How's you're weekend? 

We had a bbq party yesterday and the best part was we had halo-halo for dessert, feeling summer na talaga. I hardly remember when was the last time I've ate halo-halo kaya major major ang happiness ko. We had a lot of chika moments and they requested me to cook the seafood pasta for our dinner. 

Here is the same photo I've posted the other day. 


3 bottles of Barilla (360g each) Basilico Pasta Sauce
4 cans of Century Tuna Hot and Spicy
nestle cream
evap milk

Saute garlic in tuna's oil, add shrimp
add spaghetti sauce, salt, sugar , and cheese
bring to boil then simmer for 5 mins
add tuna and set aside

melt the butter in a pan, add the nestle cream, evaporated milk, and cheese

Mix the white sauce to the red sauce, boil and simmer until you get the desired thickness.
Serve and enjoy!

*tantyahan lang mga ateng, yung evaporated milk kahit 1/3 lang nung nasa can (iba kasi ang gamit ko dito).

Friday, May 2, 2014

Chika Chikahan =)

Hi Ladies!!! =)

happy weekend!!! How are you doing?

I've been neglecting this blog for a while, good news is tapos ko na panoodin ang Season 8 ng 24,, I am so excited because they will open a new Season and will start on Monday,, kaso wala pa kaming TV wahehehe,, nung Tuesday my husband asked me to go out to look for a good TV, kaso ang mahal over budget para sa amin, ako kasi I don't like to buy unless talagang may naipon ako for that, natetempt na ako gamitin yung sa 52 day challenge ko kaso meron talaga akong pinaglalaanan nun, isang advantage ng single income ***takot gumastos*** tapos may ugali din ako na ayaw ko nung "ok cge, ok na yan" gusto ko yung gusto ko talaga tutal isang beses lang bibili nun pangmatagalan na, pwede kaming bumili ng TV kaso hindi yung gusto ko talaga kaya magintay na lang ako until maipon ko yung pangdagdag. Totally different talaga yung buhay ko dito kesa nung sa Singapore, doon 55" ang tv namin, ngayon talagang wala, e gusto ko sana same size din sana (maarte lang ako), since we are a little broken hearted kasi wala kaming naiuwing TV, we ended in a cinema, we watched Spiderman 2 (naiyak ako nung namatay si Gwen Stacy ang ganda pa naman nya, dapat mas maganda yung gaganap na Mary Jane), sabi ko kay Mark "gusto natin malaki TV  o ayan ang laki" hehehe.

Finally, I have this book na, been looking for this kahit nung nasa Singapore pa ako kaso palaging out of stock, medyo tamad kasi akong bumisita sa bookstore dito kasi konti lang english na nakikita ko, buti na maaga kami sa airport going back here from Oslo kaya nakabili ako. I will start to read this next week, full packed kasi ang weekend namin =)

and super excited for the movie

Ang dami ko pang kailangan sa bahay (bukod sa TV hahaha) mga small items lang naman, kaya di pa ako makapag decorate ng house, grateful for good friends around us, got a gift from a friend here para daw sa house kasi kakalipat lang namin.

 Beautiful orchids. Yahoo may kasama na akong living things dito sa loob ng bahay pag wala si hubby hihihi!!! Di ba di ba ang ganda ganda ng mga bulaklak =) nakakaganda ng araw =)

And for my finale... eto ang sarap sarap nito pramis yan walang echos... kahapon kasi may training sina hubby kaya after magbike diretso sila dito sa bahay and I prepared seafood pasta yan dapat kaso wala akong gaanong makitang pusit dito kaya tuna and shrimp pasta na lang hihihi,,,

Enjoy the weekend friendships!!! =)