Sunday, May 9, 2010

wedding abubots

Our wedding is getting nearer and nearer, we're finally going home on Thursday. Actually, I am so stressed this week, I am working even on weekend and holiday (Labor Day) just to compensate the days that I will not be able to work because of the wedding. Last Tuesday, my boss talked to me if I can postpone the wedding for 2 months,, I was shocked and I explained to him that I have limit my days of leave to 8 days because I know that the project I am with is very busy, and really it is too short to celebrate that special event and besides all my relatives and friends who are based in other countries have already bought their tickets for the wedding, all the stuffs are ready and we have already paid for everything. He still asked me to atleast try to talk to Mark and my parents, and that if I postpone the wedding I can take 3 weeks to 1 month leave. I couldn't believe what's happening, but I just prayed and trust everything to God. My husband is very supportive, and he just said if they didn't approve my leave , dito ka na lang sa bahay,,, wahehehe,, (it means mag resign na ako). It's really very hard for me this week because I just started my 7 days diet last Monday and I have to stay late at work, just imagine, the combined emotional stress ( because I dont have time to my wed preps), pressure at work, physically and emotional tireness, GUTOM,,, wahehehe...

Good news is my boss talked to me again yesterday and that my leave was approved already, but he asked for assurance that I will not extend my vacation leave.

I still don't know what we need to do,, bahala na si Batman,, but I know there's a lot of stuffs that will be neglected. I am now at the state like I am just sitting at one corner waiting for my turn.

While I am busy to work, my husband sent an email to me, he emailed his vows but only the first letter of each sentences,, oh my,, meron na sya ako wala pa,,

By the way, here's our wedding abubots, not complete yet,, dami pa kulang ( hahaha!!!) and the countdown in my laptop says "It's 9 days until our special day"