Thursday, May 26, 2011

Love my White

I adore my Iphone 4 and I love that it is white,,,

I've been using HTC for more than a year now, and I am not happy with it, I just use it so that it wont be wasted.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Anniversary DInner

Last Tuesday marked our 4th year wedding anniversary, since I am just new to my work, we celebrated it early. We cooked for our friends last Sunday because we want to save the actual date just for the two of us, these friends were all present on our wedding last year that's why it's a simple act of saying thank you to them and catching up with them also. 
Week before our wedding anniversary, I was occupied with my work, I had to do overtime everyday, in fact I worked on Saturday, I am very exhausted because we have to prepare and cook food for the next day (Sunday), after my work we went to supermarket to buy ingredients and reached home about 11 pm.
I just prepare the leche flan then I fell asleep on the sofa while hubby did everything, im a so proud wifey, he steamed the leche flan (45 mins), he prepared and steamed the embutido (1.5hours), he also prepared the meat and ingredients for caldereta, everything was done at about 4:30, then the next day he cooked the caldereta and pancit bihon,, yum yum!!! It was a tiring but fun day,,
Fortunately, our anniversary was declared as a public holiday here in Singapore (vesak day), I told Mark that I just want to rest the whole day and we'll just have our dinner outside.
I leave everything to Mark and he brought me here:
                                                           The Line @ Shangri La 

The food were really great!!! I highly recommend this buffet restaurant, we will definitely go back here, it is now my current favorite. =)

                                      What a wonderful night,,, happy tummy,,, happy me!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

HK-Macau Advance Wedding Anniversary Celebration

Day after my last day from my work, my husband and I flew to Hongkong via Singapore Airlines A380, my hubby packed our things ( he's good in packing). We were early in the airport and took kulitan shots hehhee,,

Finally its boarding time,,,

a very nice ride,,,

We arrive on time in HK, bought our ferry ticket to Macau, im happy that there's a wifi in HKIA, I was able to connect with my friends in facebook.
When we reached the Macau Ferry Terminal we walked to the other side of the road where the free shuttle bus of Venetian is waiting.

Check in time =)
I posted our hotel room pics in my previous post , we enjoyed our stay in this hotel. There's a new hotel to be launched in front of Venetian named as Galaxy, we would probably stay in this hotel in our next visit in Macau (if we can afford it just for experience) .