Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Summary of my 2011

My heart is full of gratitude for 2011, there might be some mishaps but all in all it was a great year for me.

* Me and my husband celebrated Media Noche together, it was already a great blessing from God.

And also January last year we decided to get our own small space for us when we are in the Philippines, as of now the construction is on going, one more year and we can have the key of the unit. We will be busy looking for a nice interiors and furniture hunting, as early as now Mark is looking for a great design, I already had an idea of what I want for our bedroom and kitchen. 

* February is indeed a LOVE month!!!

                                                       Flowers from Mark on Heart's day

I was able to spend quality time with my Inay, she and my sister in law and her family were here. 

* March was when I got interviewed and hired by my present company, that was when a good opportunities were offered to me, I learned that I should aim higher and not to be contented of what I am getting for the effort and hardwork I was giving to my ex-company. 

* It was a dream come true in April last year, it was my long time dream to go to Hongkong, and since we can't celebrate our wedding anniversary we celebrated it in advance. 

* New environment, new friends and career advancement in May =)

and our 4th year wedding anniversary!!! 5 months na lang pala ulit anniv na ulit namin,,, =)

* June and July was all about work ( araw araw overtime ako dito, sometimes I came home 12 midnight from work at Saturday and Sunday were mostly spent at the office, Mark was kawawa waiting for me the whole day at home) 

* August when I visited China, it was a work related trip, wish ko lang for pleasure yun, I was away from hubby for 24 lonely and exhausted days =D,,, Ang hirap kasi work work work talaga, my daily routine was breakfast at the hotel with the same food (sobrang pihikan ko sa pagkain kaya gutom ang abot ko) sausage and puto, then the company transport will pick us to send us to office, then working until 9pm, transport will send us again to hotel from office, pag may energy pa ako at may kasama pa I will walk 3 blocks to grab a meal from KFC (wahh I love KFC there kesa dito sa sg) My chinese colleagues were back to SG earlier than me kaya sobrang hirap din for me because of language barrier, kahit pag order sa KFC point point lang sa picture.

                                This photo was taken at Shanghai Airport when I was going back to SG.

This month also when we were reunited with our college friends, they moved in to our house day before I arrived in SG from this trip. 

* Happy Birthday to Me ( I love September simply because it is my birthday month) =)

* October is my hubby's birthday month naman,,, I am more than a month older than him. 

* November when we moved to a new house, bigger, convenient and nice place =)

* Spent Christmas at home away from home,,, SG is our second home, hopefully next year we can go home for Christmas in the Philippines. 

hay salamat, I am done na with this post, I can go to bed na. Good night and sweet dreams to all!!!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Aiming for 2012

Happy Sunday Everyone!!!

I was thinking of blogging about my 2011 happenings the other day but I was too tired to do, and part of my 2012 promises is to sleep earlier than before and to prevent that I have to resist of not opening my laptop at night, I will post a separate entry for that, now let me share to you what I am aiming for this year. How about you do you have any goals to do this year?

A lot of blessings were showered on me last year and this year I continue to open my arms to receive all the blessings from God. I don't usually make new year's resolution but this year I want to try, because I am now convinced that it really helps to improve oneself, and by making one is a good sign of acceptance, accepting that everyone needs improvement.

Let's see what I want to improve on my life this year before

* I want to go to church more frequent, I think this is the most important thing to do, I have to improve my spiritual life, last year due to my hectic schedule and tiredness from my stressful work I always make excuses on going to church and telling myself that I pray a lot and my faith on HIM is very strong, so now no more alibis.

* As I said from my first paragraph, I want to sleep earlier than before, I tried to do it this week at ang sarap ng feeling.

* I will eat more healthy foods like vegetables and fruits, i will try to consume less or to avoid fattening foods like chocolates, pork, sweets and rice, ( i have chocolates right beside my bed (LoL) and I am successful on ignoring it, I am thinking nga to throw it na lang, ayoko naman ipakain kay Mark kasi conscious na din sya sa weight nya. (Palagi kasi akong nagpapromise to lose weight the passed years pero di ko naman natutupad kaya nirevise ko na lang ngayon hopefully effective)

* I will allot more time on reading books, there's a lot of good books to read kaso I still have 1 pending book na nagiintay sa akin sa bookshelf, but I ask my friend who will go to Philippines this month to buy me Fashion + Food by Jenni Epperson, sobrang fan nya ako e, kaya im so excited on this.

* Vanity!!! Gusto kong maging vain ngayong year, I am lazy kasi to apply creams on my face pero this year I want to take care of myself, health and beauty wah need kitang iimprove. hahaha!!!

* Save Save Save $$$!!!! I want to save more this year, madami akong gusto e but I will try not to be an impulsive buyer, I want to save a lot of $$$,, basta magpapaka frugal ako this year.

* I want to go to Bohol or Boracay this year, kakaiba di ba next sya sa promise ko to Save,, hehehe, but I think it is necessary naman to enjoy part of your savings, hindi ung save lang ng save,, at nakaplano yan hehehe,, maybe on our anniversary, justifiable naman kasi may occasion, saka nagpapaka frugal ako nyan hehehe sa halip na parehas sila mamimili lang ako sa kanilang dalawa.

* I want to improve my patience,, hahaha!! I always hear this when I was preparing our wedding "dont sweat on small stuff" I want to apply that on my daily life, smile, be nice and don't stress out too much on something that is not really important, what important is good relationship on people around me.

* I want to be a better wife to my husband, more talks and I want to understand him more, and learn more about his likes and dislikes. I want to be more sensitive about his feelings, and to be more expressive as well. Mas expressive kasi sya kesa sa akin, so from now I want to show him that I am thankful for him,, aba it is nice that there is someone aside from my mother who appreciates my beauty even if me myself think I am not,, LoL

* I want to be a better daughter and sister to my family. I was able to give love to others because of the love they've showed me, all the things I've learned is because they taught me the values that made me who I am today, for that I am truly grateful for them.

For now, ito muna, I hope each day I learn to accept other aspect that needs attention to enhance to have a better 2012.

Let's all be positive!!! cheers!!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!!! Cheers for 2012!!!

Happy 2012 Everyone!!! I am looking forward for an amazing, fabulous, joyful new year!!!
Thank you Lord for another year, another blessings to share, love, succeed and enjoy life. God bless us all!!!