Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Less than 2 months...

Now that my countdown is down to 2 digits, everything is coming to my senses that it is now less than 2 months until our wedding day. I started visualizing and planning my wedding for more than 1 year, but the actual preparation really took us 7 months (including the wedding day), although I booked most of our suppliers before but I realized that making payments are nothing compared to going in to details of the wedding, like finalizing the principal sponsors and entourage and calling them one by one, selections of menu to serve, guests list and table arrangements, if your friends for example in high school or college are 12 or 11 and they all want to seat together (lol), music to be played at particular event in the reception, programs for the reception, measurements of entourage, etc.

Mark just informed me that his leave was approved and he is now more excited for our trip to Manila on Saturday, weee.. yep, we are going HOME again for the last leg of our wedding preparation. We will finally meet our coordinator for the first time and she offered to accompany us to Dangwa where we will book Mang Boy Mahusay for our flowers. I so heart her, I told her about my budget for flowers and instead of going to a more expensive supplier she suggested Mang Boy and assured me that he never fails her in terms of delivering really good flowers, so I decided why go to expensive one if he can offer the same service and besides my friend Gia who just got married advised me not to spend too much on flowers coz after the wedding it would be nothing.
We will have a prenuptial shoot on March 30 and I am still looking for a venue, I can’t decide if we will pursue it in Tagaytay or we will just find good locations in Manila or QC area. Pictures will be posted here. Yey!!!