Saturday, October 31, 2015

Fall Wedding Inspiration

There's an indescribable romantic vibe that fall/autumn brings. The ambiance of it would make a wedding more sentimental, intimate and romantic. If we will have a renewal of vow, I would like to incorporate an autumn inspired to a beach wedding, yep contrast it may seems but I know it is doable since there are lots of creative suppliers in the wedding industry. Oh, let's dream on...

I am thinking that the guests would love to smell the sweetness of honey and cinnamon all around the wedding venue. The place will be full of trees with red and orange leaves. the aisle will have scattered leaves and on the side will have pumpkins with scented candles. The bridesmaids are all in their red/orange dresses with their partners in their tuxedo and dry leaf with red buttons flower as their boutonnieres. After the wedding ceremony, I'm quite sure that the guests are all hungry that's why I am thinking to serve waffles with toppings of their choice before they will proceed to the reception venue.

At the reception, classical music and ballads will fill the air to set the romantic mood. A very classy centerpieces on each tables, great and lots of food (make sure to have a buffer for your guest, it should be more than enough for the guests, this is one way of showing how grateful you are that they came to your wedding).

I googled some photos that I like,

photo source
photo source

photo source here

The groomsmen will be wearing a dashing black tuxedo with these boutonneire, 
photo source

My husband will be having something like these

p[hoto source

There are lots of ways to save on weddings. DIY-ing is one, looking for affordable suppliers and renting of dresses and tuxedo. You can check The Black Tux website which I found on the net, they offer black tuxedo and accessories for rent. 

At the end of the event, what important is the Marriage not the Wedding.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Kikay Si Giday

Hi Pretties,

Bare with me with this post, arte arte lang hehehe. Just happy to share my Hello Kitty watch. I bought it for only 90 nok, got a huge discount as it was 300 nok originally. Super savings! =)

Here's my pretty watch:

with my Pandora bracelet
I had a photo shoot before my hubby's birthday dinner. Arte arte lang hihihi, as if I was the celebrant hahaha!

Dress: H&M
Shoes: Edit
Bag: LV
Accessories: Pandora and Sanrio Hello Kitty Watch

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Week's Best #6: Birthdays and Baptism

Hello Pretties! 

How's your week so far? 

We had a lot of reasons to celebrate last week. Irene's family stayed with us for a couple of days and it happened that it was my inaanak's 3rd month and our kumpare's birthday also, Irene asked Mark to take a picture with the cake as he will also celebrate his birthday in a week.

Night before Mark's birthday we went out for dinner. We super enjoyed our bolahan moments and the food. 

We really love Friday's, wala nga lang ung usual na inoorder namin sa Singapore, ung parang pata sya na may Jack Daniel sauce.

Favorite namin ito chicken wings nila

The birthday boy ordered this Jack Daniels Beef Ribs and he enjoyed every bite of it, 

ako naman syempre pasta, first time ko orderin ito, too bad super late ko na nadiscover 😊

Cajun Shrimp and Chicken Pasta: my verdict,,, highly recommended!!! super yummy 😊 Nagkcrave ulit ako, can't wait to taste it again.

We ended our birthday meal with New york Cheesecake 😊

The next day, Hubby's birthday, we travelled to Stavanger for Lars Kian's Baptism. May and family prepared for a birthday salo salo for Mark. Thank you thank you Valencia Family! 😍


Sunday was the baptism of Lars, we enjoyed the day, great church service, food and company. 

with our cutie baby inaanak

Long table with our little prince Lars Kian 😘

Birthdays and baptisms are new beginnings of life that we need to celebrate with significant people in our lives. 

enjoy the day! spread love! 😘

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Week's Best #5: IVF Appointment

Hi Pretties! how's your day? 

The first part of my last week was all about anticipation and excitement. We've been waiting for this appointment for our IVF #2 for more than half a year and finally, another waiting na ulit hehehe. 
We went to the airport early morning of Thursday to catch our flight. Before our boarding time we took a chance to eat breakfast. 

sweet waffles for breakfast

Since we were very early for our appointment, we waited inside this very cozy waiting room

During check ups I always wear comfy dresses, para di gaano hassle sa ultrasound. :)
The doctor and nurse were very nice, the doctor explained to us what is her plan for my next IVF, since my first IVF was not successful from another clinic, she told me that she has my records and I will be given the same meds but she has to add more dossage from before. I was wrong when I thought that we will proceed to the IVF right after the appointment but instead it will happen in January or February next year, 3 - 4 months of waiting time again :) Good thing is I have a lot of time to prepare myself and be more healthy. 

Our Saturday was spent in Ikea. We had to buy some pillows, blankets etc as we were expecting some friends to be stayed with us the next day. 
A visit in Ikea will never be complete if you didn't order their meatballs. 

I paired it with napoleones cake for dessert. :)
As we were looking for the things we need to buy, I saw this cute vanity table but as I said I don't need it this time. 
wala lang maganda lang :)

ang ganda noh, someday magkakaganyan din ako :)

We ended our night with this crispy and fatty hihihi crispy "fata" hihihi

Hope you are enjoying the week sweethearts! 

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Week's Best #4 : Reunion

Hello Pretties! 

How's your week so far?

We just came home from Stavanger yesterday morning. We travelled almost 8 hours by train on Sunday evening hence the delayed of this post. 

From Monday to Thursday I was busy looking for a gift and a dress to be worn for Matthew's Baptism (our newest godson). I don't want to spend too much on dress luckily I saw this from h&m 

This dress has a price tag of 150 nok, it's a win win find for me. :)

We went to Stavanger last Friday night, since it was very cold outside we stayed in our fave resto to wait for our travel time. 

I ordered my favorite tom yum soup and hubby ordered stir fry noodles. 
I slept the whole time of our journey, although may wifi naman antok na antok ako. We arrived at our friend's house Saturday morning, took a bath and then we went off to the church. 

We met there with our other friends, it was a nice baptism celebration of our cute and adorable Matthew.

Reunited with these girls :)
The prada and LV girls :)

Our Sunday's were spent with our dear Valencia family. May served a delicious and hearty breakfast. We were able to play with the kids and more kwentuhan moments with May and Joel.

the husband with our happy baby inaanak Lars :)

May also cooked carbonara ( my favorite) and paired it with pizza, super busog kami kaya I wasn't able to eat dinner na nag dessert na lang ako kina Irene. 

Me and May :)

At 9:45 we were dropped off to the train station by our friends.

Inside the train, blanket, pillow, eye cover and ear piece were provided. 

And from this reunion, aside from hugs and kisses I got also some post birthday presents :)

Thank you so much for your love, Friends! 

thank you pretties for reading. 

Smile and everyone will smile back :)

Stay positive :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

500 nok Weekly Food Budget (Oct 5 - Oct 9)

Hello Pretties, this is a late post as I became busy last weekend. 

I want to update you of our last week's food expenses. Toiletries, bathroom and kitchen essentials take up so much on our budget when we buy them all at once, kaya I thought of buying one item na mauubos na together with our food and groceries, I feel that I can save doing this because I can adjust my budget on food at the same time di ako mauubusan ng supplies sa bahay. 

What I bought: 

dishwashing liquid soap (this is the "non-food"item that I bought)

Our meal for the whole week was:

Monday: leftover from Sunday (chicken adobo)
Tuesday: Sinigang na Salmon 
Wednesday: Leftover from Tuesday
Thursday: Bicol Express
Friday: left over from Thursday + we ate while waiting from the train to Stav

You'll noticed that I budgeted from Monday to Friday only, it is because we spent our weekend on our friends house, we attended a Baptismal Celebration in another city and we travelled by train. 

I am one of the "fortunates" na may asawang hindi mahirap pakainin hehehe, pwede paulit ulit ang ulam and it spares me from cooking everyday, kapagod din kasi. 
This budgeting chorva really helps a lot on our finances, kasi namomonitor ko ang spending namin, at nagulat si mark na 225 lang binayaran ko sa cashier, napa OK talaga sya and happy ang wifey kasi happy c hubby. 

So there, please stay tune on my Week's Best although super late post din un. 

It is not how much you save, it is the attitude of savings that matter! 😘

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Week's Best #3 : My Corner

Hope you had an enjoyable weekend Pretties!

I really want to have a vanity desk and a blogging desk but for now it is not practical to buy for a desk kahit gustong gusto ko, I imagined my dream vanity desk as a white victorian design with plenty of make ups and lipsticks in a nice organizer and an oval shape large mirror, but since we are still renting and keep on moving form one place to another I don't want to go through with the same emotions on leaving my things I am familiar with and loved, kaya I settle with this, saka isa pa we just have a small bedroom, and hopefully sana I can have my own walk in closet which any woman's dream.

Here's my corner:

I love my tree earrings organizer, I am obsessed with earrings, I never realized I have a lot (enough) until I put them there together. I am still looking for my white plastic organizer na may mga earrings pa baka nasa mga maleta pa namin wahhh.

We just had a morning walk yesterday and my kulit husband wanted to eat, watch movie or simply have a coffee, and I declined to all of his magastos na suggestions, I told him I'm happy just having a walk and conversation with him without any cost, today we just stayed at home and watch movies,,, hurray for our "none spending weekend"

And these were the things/moments that made my week happy and complete.

My husband saw on his FB timeline a carbonara recipe with just cheese  and egg and without cream. He cooked it yesterday when we came home from walking, sabi ko kay husband o kitam kung kumain tayo sa labas malamang 600 nok bill natin e ito masarap din naman tapos dami servings pa. (lagot diet ko)
Super yummy and cheesy carbonara kasing cheesy ni husband dito

The other night my husband came home with a bouquet of roses.

And some sweets too to compliment the cheesyness... chos hihihi

Hope you'll have a great week ahead.

I am ending this entry saying

"Bukas luluhod ang mga tala" bwahaha! joke!

Keep your head up and go for your dream. =)

PS. ( ang hirap din pala panindigan ng week's best ha)

Enjoy Pretties! mwahugs!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

500 nok Weekly Food Budget (Sept 28-Oct4)

I am reading blogs about budgeting and they inspired me to challenge myself to spend 500 nok for our food in a week. I became lenient kasi these past months hindi ko gaano namonitor ang spending namin sa grocery. Nagugulat na lang ako na I am paying a lot na pala sa cashier. I used to do this kind of budgeting before but hindi ako nagiging successful kasi we had to attend a lot of potluck gatherings before, pero here very seldom lang kaya tingin ko hindi masisira ang budget ko. 
For this week I was able to save a lot kasi  may meat at fish pa kami sa freezer pero for the following weeks challenge na for me. I have to think for tipid meals for us ni hubby. What I observed pa is I don't get lazy to cook which leads to eating out or buying a ready to eat food. At dahil nakasave ako this week sa halip na isipin ko ang fridate namin which we usually do  I prefered to just stay at home, hahaha nanghihinayang ako kasi sa gagastusin namin. 

So here's my spending for this week:

1 whole chicken, 4pcs salmon fillet, spinach, siling haba, eggplant, kiwi and bread for 288 nok

I put the savings inside an envelop

Another advantage of having a budget is I was able to plan our weekly menu effectively since may mga stock pa ako sa ref kaya medyo madali pa sa ngayon, we'll see next week if I'll be able to follow my budget. 

Have a wonderful weekend Pretties!