Sunday, January 3, 2010


I didn't expect this to happen, this wedding, my gown,and the E-RING! Am I deserving for this?(lol)
When we got married, although Mark promised me to give me my dream wedding,I didn't take it seriously, as I knew that once we are married our priorities will change, until the day after our first year here in Singapore that he brought out the topic. I was just thinking that wow,, he really serious in keeping his promise, that was the time that I keep daydreaming of myself wearing a nice gown, yap, I think the most important for me aside from my groom waiting at the end of the aisle and my family and friends cheering and happy for us, is my GOWN, but in my mind the wedding is a bonus na I don't want to abuse what I have na,, but there’s one designer who captured my heart, but I need to come back in reality that spending too much in my gown is a big NO, we should priority first what we need and let go of nice to haves. I search for other designers but never push through the transactions, Mark then was so quiet and just letting me decide for the wedding, until he asked me how much is the costs of the gown made by my dream designer, my eyes were twinkling, I couldn’t believe he is asking, and my reply was as I remember,, “naku mahal talaga hon e, dami pa natin kailangan.” (with a little kilig tone in my voice) Then he told me to just try to inquire,, masunurin akong asawa kaya I DID! When Ms. V replied and send the quotation for my gown, I informed agad mark , I was nervous that he might change his mind but he was happy for what he saw and asked me to send the reservation as soon as possible, I told him I will not ask for anything, coz for me my gown is too much, I couldn’t ask for more. Then the last surprised I get from him is my engagement ring, this is the least I expect from Mark, for in my mind I have my gown as a replacement for it.One night after my birthday, I was impatiently waiting for him, coz he usually never go home late, except if he is in a mall to buy something, he is too meticulous in buying things unlike me I easily decide on stuff when I shop, and he always ask permission whenever he will buy something. That night was different, he never answered my call, I was losing my temper, I easily get irritated especially when I am hungry (lol). When he came, I was relieved that he was safe, then he told me he has something for me, I was thrilled coz I knew he’s not kuripot when it comes to me, then he showed me a small box,, my heart was beating so fast, when I opened the box jaraaannn,, it was a necklace,, hehehe waaaa!!! I was not expecting but when I saw the box the first thing in my mind was a ring,, a little bit disappointed hehhee,, but I didn’t show it to him,, he put it on my neck and I kissed and hugged him, we ate our dinner, then he kept asking the whole night if I am happy,, I said I am. The next morning, I woke him up to get ready to work, I thought he was in the shower but after 2mins he woke me up, and the first thing I saw was the same box it was opened and the ring was there, so beautiful and simple. I was looking on it, as he uttered the words he said before. kilig till now.