Monday, January 24, 2011


Just another lazy night, I am too tired to cook, tired is the appropriate word than lazy, I am emotionally, mentally and physically exhausted from work and from home, hubby is not feeling well last night and up to this moment, my brother is sick since last week, we were worried because we thought he;s infected by dengue fever, after a few tests, he was cleared to dengue, there are rashes all over his face, and the doctor concluded that the rashes were caused by measles. Inay was supposed to be here on Tuesday but we decided to rebook her ticket until my brother is ok.
The best reliever from stress aside from hubby is a nice dinner, we dined in Pastamania, the carbonara is very creamy, one of the best I tasted here in Singapore.

The Sweet Life

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Macarons from Canele

Today hubby and I had our haircut, footspa and pedicure, =) after that we headed to Paragon to buy this colorful, awesome and yummy macarons. I am craving for this for almost a week, and I am so happy that my weekend ends with it.
As soon as I took the pictures I took a bite and it was heavenly delicious. yey!!!
Now I can't stop myself to finish it, =)!

Our Future Home

I have discussed this from my previous post, after a long time of waiting, searching and thinking, we have decided to get our own place whenever we are in the Philippines. At first we thought of getting a house and lot near Manila, because we knew that properties in Manila area are very expensive our option is to get to a nearby like Laguna or Cavite, but we are leaning towards Laguna because it is nearer to Batangas and Quezon. But since we really planned to have our real home in my hometown Candelaria Quezon, we acquired a 700 sq.m lot, we are thinking of maximizing the space and designing it on our own preference without following a pattern just like houses in subdivision. I am lucky for having such understanding husband for allowing to build our house near my parents, he knew how I love my parents and how close I am to my family, relatives, cousins, uncles and aunties. Anyways, I'll be waiting for ? years to finally have that dream house,, hehehe,, for now, what we need is our own space to stay whenever we have a short vacation in the Philippines, and a place to transfer some of our things here in Singapore, the most convenient for us is a condo unit, what we need should be in the south, it should be near manila area or easy access to Manila, I dont like high rise bldg so we opted for a midrise only, Siena Park passed all this criteria. Thanks to our friend Delo who is working at DMCI for helping us in making our decision.
It is a pre-selling 2 bedroom unit, we need to wait for 2 years for us to move in, not that big but just right for us. I am very excited to decorate it, time flies too fast we'll never notice that 2 years have already passed.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Talk and Walk

Life is indeed sweet especially during weekends!!! hehhee,,
We walked around our area after our dinner and went to the nearest mcdo, i love the holding hands while walking, talking under the moonlit with anything, planning on how to fulfill our dreams, libre ang mangarap sabi nga nila kaya mangarap lang tayo ng mangarap.

weekends = sweet and cheesy

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Gerry's Grill in Singapore

Started my day with a happy breakfast from Mcdo and just ended a sumptuous dinner in Gerry's Grill with hubby. What a lovely day! Thank you Lord! Love You! Mwah!

Hermes @ Marina Bay Sands

Collectibles from Mc Donalds

This morning I had breakfast at Mcdo, I ordered pancake and iced milo, it is really a great morning for me and I am hoping for a wonderful day ahead. happy face!

Saw this cuties from mcdo

Have a great day peeps!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Fashion brand community - poupeegirl

DO you love fashion and dressing up, be a Poupeegirl too. Im still new to this dressing up game, join me and have fun!

Saturday, January 15, 2011


I remember when I was younger, I like to wear high-heeled shoes and wedge, but now that I gained weight I prefer to use ballet flats, sandals, and most specially flipflops.

Here's what I love to wear

Need I say more? =)

and here's an equally stylish and very comfortable CUSHE

Now I am lusting on this very cute and elegant FITFLOP

Thank you Cebu Pacific

My Inay dear is coming over before the end of this month,, yiheeee!!! I was looking earlier if there is any promotions but there is none since my Inay's flight will be in 2 weeks and all promo tickets were sold out. It was a great deal from Cebu Pacific, the ticket costs me 245sgd only, budget airlines help OFW like me to come home and be with the family whenever we like and whenever we need, without getting a big chunk from our savings.
Cebu Pacific has improved their service, I remember 5-6 years ago I experienced a delayed flight from Bacolod to Manila, it was really disappointing, that time they really have this reputation of being always delay on their flights , but so far I haven't experience it whenever I fly from SG-Manila or Manila-SG.
I'm so excited to be bonded again with my Inay, and I can't wait to taste her especialties, she cooks the best adobo, ooohhhhlalala!!!

Oh by the way, just a piece of advice, secure a passport even if you don't have any plans to travel outside the Philippines in the next few months because we don't know when the opportunity will come, my future SIL was also scheduled to come here with my mom but unfortunately there's a new rules in applying a PASSPORT, unlike before that you can apply anytime, now you have to get an appointment date to apply or renew a passport. When Che checked the DFA last week for the earliest possible appointment date it will be on January 27 ( I think waiting for 3 weeks for an appointment is TOO LONG), then she will wait for another 10 days for a rush processing. Hopefully they can improve their service and the processing period will be shortened.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Travel Plans for 2011

Have you ever made your holiday plan for this year?
Last year despite of our expected expenses for the wedding, we tried to set aside some money for us to relax and have some quality time together.

We spent the Chinese New Year at KL Malaysia, we booked the bus from WTS travel and took us 5 hours from SIngapore to get there. Since it was a peak season, booking thru travel agency is way expensive, we booked our hotel from Agoda and saved a few $.
From KL we travel more or less 1 hour to Genting Highlands.

After our wedding, we went to Phuket Thailand,we were lucky to booked a promo ticket from Jetstar, it was 90sgd per person exclusive of tax, it was a great deal. We stayed at Kata Beach Resort & Spa, we booked it thru Agoda again. I love Thailand, love the food and the people there are so warm and friendly.

This year I have only two places in mind, Boracay and Hongkong, I am really hoping to visit Boracay this summer and Hongkong on the 3rd-4th quarter of the year, it would be really nice if we can make it on my birthday. =)

Happy Birthday Inay!

Happy Happy Birthday Inay!!!

Words are not enough how thankful I am to you Inay, I can't even find words how to describe how great person you are. I thank the LORD for giving you to us, you are my very bestfriend, the best teacher, and the best mother. Your unconditional love is amazing.
I love you so much! Mwah mwah mwah!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Thank you Santa Claus Mark

Happy weekend!
My hubby is not feeling well since yesterday, i am now in charge in everything, cooking,cleaning and laundry,,, woot!!!
I'ts breaktime, time for facebook and blogging.
After this post, I will get from shabby a new look for this blog.

Well, how's the first week of the New Year everyone? I am still eating and eating and eating without thinking of pounds I gained from the holiday feast and now I am scared to weigh myself, hehehe!!!

I saw from Chuvaness this
I salute the Spanair for that. We came home on 24th of December in the evening via Philippine Airlines, we arrived safely 30 minutes before Christmas, days before I am excited it is my first time to go home on Christmas and our flight is really close on that special day, honestly I have this anticipation that PAL will have something special to offer or maybe I told Mark that they will serve a special food since our flight is few hours before novhe buena, but I am slightly disappointed, I just neglect the feeling that time because first I am excited to see the Philippines, my family, relatives and friends, second it's Christmas so there's no room for disappointment, and I am with my hubby, third, I really noticed everyone in the plane was smiling, happy, and excited, fourth my santa claus mark gave my present as soon as we were seated on the plane.

Thank you My Santa, I love you so much! I promise to be a good girl this year! mwah!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Get Inspired

WHen I woke up, Mark was already in the kitchen preparing for our lunch(sweetness), we usually get up late when we don't have work and we always stay late the night before. After we had our lunch we continued to talk about our lives, our past experiences, then we decided to watch a movie, we bought the DVD a month ago but we never had a chance to watch it. I was in tears and moved by the movie. Hope everyone who happens to see this blog will get a chance to watch be touched of this awesome movie. I BELIEVE that everything happens for a reason, and I know that by writing here and sharing this movie is a way of GOD to deliver HIS wonderful message for all of us.
Remember that GOD is LOVE, and HE loves us!

Our Next Project

2010 was such a great year for us and we are looking forward for a better, happier and healthier 2011. yahooo!!!
We welcomed the new year with joyful hearts, full of anticipation of an awesome year. As we begin the year, it's a perfect time for reorganizing, planning, and decision making.
Yes, organizing (?); is it me talking? hahaha,, kidding aside yep I need to find more time to organize my things, our things @ home, and most especially i need to organize my bag because eversince my bag is very messy, sabi nga ni mark andami kong basura. I'll start first for the easiest, so now I badly needed a bag organizer. yoohooo for those who want to help please send me one,, hehehe,,
Did I say planning and decision making? Well everytime we plan for something we really think about it many times and also we set a time frame for that, I learned that setting a time frame in planning is really important.
Yesterday, after we had our lunch we talked about our plans for this year and which of those will come first, we talked for hours (as in 2pm to 12am midnight) and I felt again the excitement when we were planning our wedding, now we are in the stage of looking for our love nest, our home that I can call our own. It will be a long time of waiting but what important is we have started to make it possible. To God be the Glory. Thank you so much Lord for all the blessings, I am really grateful for being YOUR daughter.
I love YOU!!! Mwah mwah mwah!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011

I am back here in Singapore to welcome the new year with my hubby, there's a supertition that the couple should be together in welcoming the new year for them to stay together the whole year and even if the happiest place is home to celebrate it, I can't let Mark to celebrate it alone. Our initial plan was to have a dinner in the city and watch the fireworks display just like last year, but last minute we decided to celebrate at home.

I am wishing everyone all the best for this year, may our lives be filled with happiness and let us be grateful for all the blessings that 2011 may bring to us.