Sunday, December 6, 2009

My 6 days at HOME

The picture above was made by my brother in law Anjo, it wasn't done yet but I am happy with the outcome. Thanks anjo. hope you will not get tired of our kakulitan,, hehehe.

I am done with my first fitting of my gown, all praises to my designer Ms. V, it was only a lining but it really fits well, I really felt I am like a princess,, too bad i wasn't able to take a picture, I was starstrucked kasi with her. My next fitting will be on January 29, we already booked our ticket for that, I will not let it pass na, will post photos of it here.

My 6 days vacation last week is tiring but I felt a lot of happiness, had a great time with my family especially my mom whom I missed most, everyday of it was about wedding preps, had food tasting with our caterer, I am just a little bit disappointed because I was looking for that wow factor taste, but I just find it plain and ordinary, but there's no turning back, we already paid for reservation before even if we haven't tasted their foods I took a risk here I just relied from what I read about them, after the food tasting I want to let go of our reservation with them but I dont have much time to find for replacement so we just settled and paid the downpayment. Maybe I will just ask for another food tasting for Mark in January and we'll just make suggestions on how to improve the menu.

We also went to our reception, there's a wedding that time, I can't describe the feeling, it was my first time to see the place and I find it perfect, I knew I made a right choice to this one.

I am now planning our itinerary for our 4 days vacation in January, i know it will be a lot easier because Mark is coming with me.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


I enjoy reading blogs, I always go to Dapne's Diary, she writes really well that I can't describe how really good she is, I learned a lot from her and her opinions and choices influenced me, I instantly became a fan. I also check Topaz horizon and Chuvaness, I learned about their blogs through Daphne also.
I am really grateful to them because I get updated on current events and fashion etc. I was able to change the layout of my blog because I just finished reading Topaz Horizon's blog about SHABBY BLOGS wherein you can find a lot of stylish backgrounds, headers and buttons.
Try to visit this site , you will surely love their designs.