Sunday, July 18, 2010

Masarap ang Feeling

Ganito pala ang pakiramdam makita ang sarili sa ibang blog,,, awww,, lalo na sa isang taong sobra kong iniidolo.
Hanggang ngayon hindi pa din ako makapaniwala na mabibigyan ng espasyo ang aking mga larawan sa kanyang blog. Dati habang binabasa ko at tinitingnan ang mga magagandang larawan sa blog nya hindi ko mapigilan ang mapatili, kiligin at MANGARAP, opo binibigyan ko ng diin ang salitang MANGARAP, kasi hindi ko talaga akalain na matutupad ang PANGARAP ko na makilala, makausap, makita sa personal at higit sa lahat ang mabigyan ng pagkakataon na maging kabilang sa VELUZ BRIDES,,, maraming salamat Ms. V!!!
Ibang level ng kaligayahan naman pala ang pakiramdam kapag mismong mga larawan ko ang makikita doon. Maraming maraming salamat Ms. V!!!
Salamat din kina Jayson and Joanne Arquiza sa naggagandahang mga larawan.


I am tamad to think of what to blog, now, i want to share with you this site. Hope you'll enjoy the forum as much as I do.
here's the link

Thursday, July 8, 2010

LVOE from Hubby

Still giggling with the latest gift I received from Hon, I am lucky to have a very generous husband,,,, and here is his gift,, my first ever LV bag!!! I am very surprised when I saw him carrying the brown paper bag, I was at home when he called me to meet him at the ground floor of our HDB to get snack from a nearby McDonalds then he handed me the paper bag, he really enjoys spoiling me and I love being pampered by him. I am very grateful to have him.
Love u so much hon and thank you for everything!!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

My Newest Favorite

Hello again,

I am here to introduce my newest favorite I've found in Ion Mall Orchard. It's the 4Fingers Bonchon Crispy Chicken, yep they are truly delicious and I can't wait to go to Orchard again, maybe not tomorrow, we have to stay at home to wait for our new aircon to be delivered and installed, im just hoping they can finish it early, so that we can still go out for our weekly routine date. We usually go out after work every Friday, enjoy our dinner together, to check out for the sale items (it's GSS by the way), watch a movie (talking about movie, im looking forward to see Eclipse the soonest hahaha!!!) but due to heavy rain this afternoon I decided to just stay at home.

Anyways,,, hehhee... Here's the pictures,, im sorry if the quality of the pictures are not that good, I forgot my camera that time and just used my phone camera.

The last picture shows the packaging, isn't it so cool?

Friday, July 2, 2010

I'm Still Here

Hey, it's been a while, I have a lots of backlogs to post. Now I promise to myself to write here every week, I need to squeeze out my thoughts, hahaha!!!
I am on leave from work yesterday (for it is 1:41 am and im still awake) and today, that's why I can afford to stay awake at this time.
Here's what will you expect from me to write about:

1. about our wedding kwentos
2. Supplier's Ratings
3. My new Fave Chicken @ ION MALL
4. Our Phuket trip ( July 25-July 29)

Now I am reading Book of Tomorrow by Cecilia Ahern, at first I thought I wont like it but suprisingly I love every single page. I love the character and I love her name too, She is Tamara, she used to live in a mansion, living a very comfortable life with her parents until her father died, and their lives change in a snap. She and her mother moved to his uncle's house and there she will find from a moving library a book but turned out to be her diary, mysteriously the diary contains what will happen to her a day ahead.

Wish I also have that diary, I do mistakes I am just ordinary human being, I do upset easily. What matters to me most is my family, I want to take back all hurtful words and actions (unintentionally... if there was) I've done especially to my loved ones. I am not good in showing my love to them, but if only they will see inside of me, I will do anything for them, for their happiness.
Sttttooooppppp!!! I am getting emotional here, hehehe. I will sleep now.
I will write here again tomorrow, I have lots lots of time to do it.

I have told Mark what I want for my birthday, I know it's still 2 more months but I just felt I need to say to him, I am not that type, I dont ask for a gift to him for the past 9 Years, he's just good in giving gifts, maybe because he knows me a lot, but this year I have only 1 simple wish.