Saturday, December 26, 2015

Maligayang Pasko

Merry Christmas Pretties! 

Enjoy the holidays with your family! Cheers! 

God bless us all! mwahugs! 😘😘😘

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Week's Best #10: Christmas Market

Hello Pretties! 

How's the christmas shopping? I am sure by now you are all busy attending Christmas parties. I kinda miss those company parties and those days that I am hoping to win the raffle. I won for the first and last time on my first company in Manila, it was an oven, I was very happy to bring my prize from Manila to Quezon hahaha, ang saya saya ko kahit sobrang hirap dalhin kasi ang laki isinakay ko pa din sa bus hahaha, ok lang basta happy ang Inay. 😊

Christmas markets are one of the things I love during this holiday season. Beautiful things and sweet treats are everywhere plus the happy people around make my heart leap for joy. 

Too bad I am too afraid to try to glide...

my love for churros :)

It was a night filled with christmas feeling. 😍🎄❄️

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Week's Best #9: Good Things

Hello Pretties!

How are you? 

As early as Monday last week, blessings poured to us. Winter is here and it is too early to say but right now I am somehow loving it but not as much as I do with summer. The weather here is cold but bright, this is better for me than rainy winter, mas nakakalungkot at mas hirap ako lumabas pag umuulan at gloomy weather. 
One of the things that I enjoy doing at home is trying on some of my clothes  and match them together.
Problem is I don't have tripod to help me capture myself, kaya I used my phone na lang. 

One of the highlights of last week is this sweet treats I received from Mark's officemate from SG. 

It's been almost 3 years since I've tasted this chocolate. Ang smooth talaga ng japanese chocs. 😊

There's more, my husband received this giveaway, we are both very happy. 

Our new Barista is serving us a good tasting coffee. We can choose if we want cappuccino, espresso, macchiato, caffe americano and lungo. The best things in life are free, indeed!!! 

I am not posting about our food budget. Since the purpose of that is for me to know if it is doable and it is, so every week I just buy the same, buti na lang hindi mahirap pakainin si hubby kahit same menu every week hehehe. 
One of our weekly fave is my nilagang manok 😊

*fact about myself: my most favorite part of chicken hehehe ...pwet 😁
Tipid mode pa din kami para sa holiday,  kaya our fridate was a simple treats from mcdo. 

My husband worked on Sunday (masipag para sa aming ekonomiya hihihi) and me, I tried our hometown recipe Tikoy, it is very different sa chinese tikoy, made this without the recipe mismo I just mixed everything na alam ko, masarap sya but not very close sa Tikoy Candelaria. 

my ingredients:

my finished product: 

Bukod sa akin and my family, isa ito sa minahal ni hubby sa Candelaria hehehe :)

enjoy the rest of the week Pretties! 

mwahugs! 😘

Monday, November 16, 2015

Snowy Monday

Hello Pretties, 

Just sharing the first drops of snow I have experienced here in Asker. The beauty of white everywhere makes me feel giddy for Christmas. 

And I think the snow brings luck to me and hubby. 

So much happiness today. 

Have a great week ahead! 

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Week's Best #8: Trip Planning

Hi pretties! how are you? I am worried and sad because of what happened to Paris. :( It is really heartbreaking. Let us all pray that all the people in the world will have a heart with full of love to each other. Peace and Love to everyone! 

As for my week, I am surprisingly more masipag this week hahaha. I woke up early to make breakfast for hubby. Seriously, nakakahawa kasi ang kasipagan din ng asawa ko, he is working double time kasi medyo nabubusy na ang project, he even worked today even if it is a Saturday. I cleaned the house hihihi, ang alam ko kasing role ko lang e cook at dishwasher (na ilalagay ko lang sa machine) eh hihihi. 
domestic goddess lang ang peg. hahaha
All sweats and efforts were all paid off naman because of these boxes of happiness. 

Thank you hubby! I know mababasa mo ito, super thank you for providing for our needs. 

We decided not to give gifts for Christmas but instead we will give ourselves an experience to see other places and to celebrate the holidays with our family in Italy. We were able to book our tickets and now I am busy looking for a  nice and budget friendly accomodation. I declare this month as a "Non-Spending November" as in no clothes, make-up, shoes & book shopping, no eating out sana kaso just this evening lang e date daw kami ni hubby, waley hehehe! Ang gastos ng December kaya I want to save more for our trip. 
And because hubby was busy this week, after his work today, niyaya nya ako magdate, and kahit alam ko na gastos yun I willingly submit to him (wahihi) hindi na uso ang pakipot ngayon hehehe. 

Hanging out at my favorite eating place.

Too bad they do not have shrimp daw kaya di ako nakaorder ng Cajun Chicken and Shrimp Pasta nila. 

Before heading home, we stopped by in Starbucks to warm ourselves with their coffee. 

I am happy to fulfill my wifey duty, hoping for being a better wife for the coming days. 

Praying that we may all have a wonderful and peaceful week ahead. 

Smile and Stay Strong. Pray and Love! 

Monday, November 9, 2015

Week's Best #7: Forevermore

Hello Pretties,

Sorry I skipped my week's best last week. My days were occupied of watching shows on TFC, yep finally we subscribed na hihihi. Did I tell you that sometimes I don't get influenced with what's new and uso, kaya I am one of the few who doesn't watch Aldub hehehe, (sorry to the fans). Back on topic, nung time na usong uso ang Forevermore ng LizQuen di ko talaga pinanood hehehe, then when my friend was here she opened their tfc, and there I can watch the past teleseryes, kaya naenganyo ako magsubscribe. Kaya our nights were filled with forevermore na hihihi. 

A tour to bookstore will always be fun especially when I go out with something to read. This book is the first book of the author's 4 Neapolitan Novels. I am still in a halfway of the book and hopefully I can finish it this week. I am planning to get the 2nd book next week. 

One of my most priceless wealth are true friends who always take time to show their love and care to us. I am truly happy thinking that we are always in their thoughts and hearts eventhough we are miles apart. These are very early christmas gifts we received. Thank you Jaz and Vice.

love all the way from Singapore! 

hubby got a basketball jersey too, not in the picture kasi sinusukat nya agad. Our christmas will be filled with a great aroma of my favorite coffee from Singapore. Missing the old days. 

how about you pretties, how's your weekend? 

smile and stay beautiful! 😘

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Fall Wedding Inspiration

There's an indescribable romantic vibe that fall/autumn brings. The ambiance of it would make a wedding more sentimental, intimate and romantic. If we will have a renewal of vow, I would like to incorporate an autumn inspired to a beach wedding, yep contrast it may seems but I know it is doable since there are lots of creative suppliers in the wedding industry. Oh, let's dream on...

I am thinking that the guests would love to smell the sweetness of honey and cinnamon all around the wedding venue. The place will be full of trees with red and orange leaves. the aisle will have scattered leaves and on the side will have pumpkins with scented candles. The bridesmaids are all in their red/orange dresses with their partners in their tuxedo and dry leaf with red buttons flower as their boutonnieres. After the wedding ceremony, I'm quite sure that the guests are all hungry that's why I am thinking to serve waffles with toppings of their choice before they will proceed to the reception venue.

At the reception, classical music and ballads will fill the air to set the romantic mood. A very classy centerpieces on each tables, great and lots of food (make sure to have a buffer for your guest, it should be more than enough for the guests, this is one way of showing how grateful you are that they came to your wedding).

I googled some photos that I like,

photo source
photo source

photo source here

The groomsmen will be wearing a dashing black tuxedo with these boutonneire, 
photo source

My husband will be having something like these

p[hoto source

There are lots of ways to save on weddings. DIY-ing is one, looking for affordable suppliers and renting of dresses and tuxedo. You can check The Black Tux website which I found on the net, they offer black tuxedo and accessories for rent. 

At the end of the event, what important is the Marriage not the Wedding.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Kikay Si Giday

Hi Pretties,

Bare with me with this post, arte arte lang hehehe. Just happy to share my Hello Kitty watch. I bought it for only 90 nok, got a huge discount as it was 300 nok originally. Super savings! =)

Here's my pretty watch:

with my Pandora bracelet
I had a photo shoot before my hubby's birthday dinner. Arte arte lang hihihi, as if I was the celebrant hahaha!

Dress: H&M
Shoes: Edit
Bag: LV
Accessories: Pandora and Sanrio Hello Kitty Watch

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Week's Best #6: Birthdays and Baptism

Hello Pretties! 

How's your week so far? 

We had a lot of reasons to celebrate last week. Irene's family stayed with us for a couple of days and it happened that it was my inaanak's 3rd month and our kumpare's birthday also, Irene asked Mark to take a picture with the cake as he will also celebrate his birthday in a week.

Night before Mark's birthday we went out for dinner. We super enjoyed our bolahan moments and the food. 

We really love Friday's, wala nga lang ung usual na inoorder namin sa Singapore, ung parang pata sya na may Jack Daniel sauce.

Favorite namin ito chicken wings nila

The birthday boy ordered this Jack Daniels Beef Ribs and he enjoyed every bite of it, 

ako naman syempre pasta, first time ko orderin ito, too bad super late ko na nadiscover 😊

Cajun Shrimp and Chicken Pasta: my verdict,,, highly recommended!!! super yummy 😊 Nagkcrave ulit ako, can't wait to taste it again.

We ended our birthday meal with New york Cheesecake 😊

The next day, Hubby's birthday, we travelled to Stavanger for Lars Kian's Baptism. May and family prepared for a birthday salo salo for Mark. Thank you thank you Valencia Family! 😍


Sunday was the baptism of Lars, we enjoyed the day, great church service, food and company. 

with our cutie baby inaanak

Long table with our little prince Lars Kian 😘

Birthdays and baptisms are new beginnings of life that we need to celebrate with significant people in our lives. 

enjoy the day! spread love! 😘