Tuesday, February 28, 2012


This video is awesome, it was shown to us by our Pastor last Sunday. 

I love You Lord God,,, mwah mwah mwah!!!!

Have a blessed week everyone!!! God is Love!!! =)

Monday, February 27, 2012


I've been waiting for a good news today but nothing happened but super hopeful ako that it will come tomorrow, *fingers crossed* Every minute I am praying for it and I know that God loves me and He never fails to fulfill his promises to me. I know it is worth the wait, Patience is a virtue ika nga.

Last Saturday, we witnessed a marriage proposal, the guy proposed to his girlfriend while riding a boat (some kind of Gondola pero walang kumakanta) in Marina Bay sands. The friends were also there to cheer the couple.
Medyo natulala ako kaya hindi ko agad napicturean. Im very happy for them.

Best wishes to both of you!!! Stay happy and in love forever.

Saturday, February 25, 2012


God is really good! 

During lunch time today, hubby called me and asked me to meet him in the city after office, I am supposed to do overtime but my husband told me that I should take some time to relax. I met him at cityhall, since I only had banana for lunch I am so hungry and requested that we eat first. We tried the Seoul Garden, parang shabu shabu style, sabukot na agad ang mukha ko hahaha,, because I really dont like the food hahaha,, *bratinella* ang mahal nya ha tapos di ko naman magugustuhan hahaha, $63sgd ba naman wahhh, pero infairness ang daming tao, the place is more suitable for a group kasi while u wer cooking the food dun yung kwentuhan, tapos I was trying to take photos of the buffet counter but the crew did not allow me to take pictures *wahhh fail* kaya konti lang pictures ko. 

Nag fail man ang dinner namin, super winner naman ang mga good finds ko na blouse, after ng dinner namin, HHWW *holdinghandwhilewalking* sa mall ayun nakabili na din si mark ng dart board para aliwan nilang mga boys sa bahay, tapos we were about to go home na ng madaanan ko yung isang store nakalagay *SALE* tapos mostly nakikita ko 10sgd lang wahhh panalo toh hehehe,, pasok agad ako, mabilis lang ako pumili isang tingin ko lang alam ko na gusto ko hehehe,, 





All in all I spent only 45sgd for the four blouses, super sulit,, aba talagang sinusunod ko ang promise ko for this year na magpapaka frugal ako hahaha!!! 

Happy Weekend!!! Enjoy!! 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

God be with me

Happy Wednesday!!!

I am happy. I am nervous. I am excited.

These are the emotions I am feeling right now, and I really really pray that I will be able to get what I am aiming for today.

Lord, thank you for the opportunities you are giving me, for all the blessings, I know you are always beside me and you can see every single details of my daily life. I lift up everything to You, Lord. You are my Father, my Mentor and my Provider, thank You so much. Please be with me today, as always I need Your mighty hand to help me do what I am supposed to do. Let Your Will Be Done. Love You so much!!! Mwah!!! Mwah!!! Mwah!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Me and my Jenni Epperson's book

Happy weekend everyone!!!

How will you spend your weekend?

Me and my husband just spent an hour in the pool, and just finished our lunch, we decided to stay and relax at home today and maybe end our night again swimming. We love swimming, aside from we get to bond with each other we can also get to exercise.
Weekend is also the time that I can read a lot, books, blogs and also I can able to visit N@W group page.

I knew Jenni Epperson's blog from Sharon Cuneta's website, Jenni is a good friend of KC, she featured Sharon's cooking in her blog, since then I am an avid reader from her multiply until she moved to her new blog. I like her kasi hindi sya maarte, her style is amazingly fabulous, I admire how she handles her time being a mom, wife, friend and a career woman. When she launched her book I told to myself I should have a copy of it, during my 8 days vacation in the Philippines,it was in my itinerary to go to National Bookstore to buy, and before I flew back to Singapore, as soon as the Mall opens I hurriedly go and buy.
Aside from I know I will learn a lot from it, I also want to support her being I am a fan, this is just my way of giving back her generosity. I love everything about the book, from cover to cover is fabglamtastic!!!

Here is a photo of me and my book:

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Happy Morning Thursday!

Good morning Everyone!!! Positive vibes to all of you!!! Smile,, tomorrow is Friday!!!

Dear Lord, thank You for today, for Your guidance and love, for all the blessings to me and to my family. Please keep me and my family safe all the time. I love You Lord. Mwah mwah mwah!!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Happy Tuesday everyone!!!

I spent my whole yesterday searching and reading about Boracay and it made me more excited in planning our trip this year ( May *praying hard*). It is in my to do list this year to go to Boracay, I've never been there and it is my wish for a long time. Last year, I chose Hongkong over Boracay because that time we planned really late and the accomodation and airfare going to the Philippines were really expensive, plus the fact that most of the hotels were fully booked since it was holiday ( May 1).
I am not yet decided where to stay there so if you have any suggestions for hotels and restaurants kindly message me here.

Im so excited for Boracay and im hoping that we can really go there this May, ( thinking positively)

This picture was taken in thailand, and Bora is a lot prettier , im so proud of the Philippines!!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012


I met Delsey when  Mark was in Thailand and I had to visit him, I dont have a small luggage so Mark told me to buy one for this trip, we prefer good quality even if we have to add a few $ than spending to cheaper and won't last, na ang ending is we will spend more on buying a replacement, yun yung way of thinking namin parehas, to add on that I dont settle dun sa second choice, I will save even if I will wait for months or years just to get what I really wanted para walang regrets sa huli. Anyway, Mark that time asked me to buy a Samsonite, tried and tested na din kasi namin saka di namin afford ang Rimowa, so days before my trip I was looking for pasalubong to him and a small luggage, between me and Mark ako yung kuripot hehehe,, then the saleslady introduced Delsey to me, since then I fell in love with it, very reliable,durable, and light and stylish, up to now I am still using that luggage, and we even bought another one.

I bought the brown delsey last 2009 and the red one was in 2010, both are still in good condition.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Weigh In

Suprisingly, I lost 0.5 kg when I weighed myself after my vacation, it serves as motivation to me to continue eating less rice, ang tendency kasi if i didnt monitor my eating habits at nag gain ako ng weight or nabawi ko yung nawala I get tired and start na naman ako. What motivates me today?

- valentines day is coming, I want to give my husband a prettier and slimmer date.

- Summer na!!!

- We are planning to celebrate our wedding anniversary in a beach,, (crossed fingers)
I am now looking for a nice hotel, it would be our first time to go there that's why i am having hard time to decide, tapos peak season pa ang May kaya we consider din ang budget for accomodation, yung di gaanong mahal.

Every Sunday we check our weight and we have a table for that so that we can monitor if we lose or we gain.

Happy Weekend!!!

Happy Friday!!!

It's 3rd day of Love Month, ang bilis talaga ng araw.
I just came back from an 8 days vacation in the Philippines, Mark wasn't able to join me on this trip because of his passport, (dont worry hon let's pray that our planned trip in May will push through). I was happy at the same time worried because of Mark, ang hirap ng hinahatid nya ako sa airport, pero bawi naman nung sinundo nya ako. This trip was really for my Inay's birthday and a treat for myself na din so that I can relax a bit from work. Sobrang bonding talaga with my Family, everybody knew that when I was younger kung nasan ang Inay kasama ako, at ganun ulit kami during my stay there, kahit sa banyo tuloy ang kwentuhan,, hehehe. That's why it was hard for me when I had to leave again for Singapore. On my way to Manila, while exchanging SMS with Inay sobrang iyak ako.

Yesterday morning when I woke up, eto eksena:

Me: ( I was looking at Mark and I thought he is my brother, i woke him up and asked) Asan ang inay?

Mark: huh?

Me: ( hindi p din matino ang gising, i asked him again) Asan nga ang inay?

Mark: hon, andito k na sg hehehe

Me: ( pahiya,,, went back to sleep)

Up to now, mark is joking about it.

I miss home already!!!