Saturday, February 20, 2010

86 Days To Go!

Well, that's explain how busy I am plus the work load argghhh! We are now working on our invitation, full names and spelling of our uber special casts of this wedding checked, we will just send it to craftmaster next week. I would like to give credit to the Best Man (my brother in law Angelo) for helping us in dealing with craftmaster and for making the map to be inserted in the invites, thanks anjo, you're really playing your part ah, kudos, thanks much!
At first I thought it was very easy to plan a wedding of your dream, coz I have set my mind where I want to get married, what I want to wear, who will be there for us, but after booking everything we need, the hardest part is when we go to details, which one is the best, example: which song will we use this or this or this or this... , parang we love every song we hear pero di pwede lahat, but eventually there is this Perfect One that will stand out, just like the Perfect Creation that God has brought to Me.

We had a blast last month when we went home for wedding preps, we stayed at Sofitel and met Santino, I have high expectations for this hotel but it turned out just a so-so for me, though we have yet to try their dinner buffet maybe in May will get to try, that I heard a lot of positive reviews kasi for their food. We already booked our stay here night before and after the wedding, after that we don't know where to stay (lol) maybe will go back to SG na lang hehehe.

List of our accomplishments last Month

1. If i am a Veluz Bride,, am happy to announce that Mark is now a Veluz Groom!!! yippeee!!! Mark decided to wear a suit instead of barong.
2. Booked our super love coordinator Clarice! yey! She's really my dream coordinator. She gave me a wedding planning kit (have to post a pic pa)...I love her more!
3. Cake...checked! yipeeee! Until now I am salivating for Ms. Joy San Gabriel cake, she has a wedding that day but she still accomodated us. Dito ako excited e, will finalize the design next month sa pag uwi namin.
4. Mother's Gown : Gretchen Pichay, heard Gretchen sa w@w and saw her bridal creation, I am impressed agad.
5. Entourage Gown: Farley - I was talking to him at the phone inquiring for entou gowns, and I was haggling for FG gown, I said, baka po you can give me pa discount for FG gowns 10 po kasi ung FG namin and I heard at the other line his BIG LAUGH, oh and now its 12 na FG na.
6.Second Food Tasting- Eloquente: Ok na ok na yung food, and Jun gave us additional menu which is Lenggua, actually before that may bloopers pa kasi Jun said ma'am minsan lang po talaga ioffer yung lenggua kasi po for 250 guests ilang dila ng baka yung magagamit,, wahehehe may point nga naman, but he still gave it us for free.

We stil have so many things to settle, like the flowers and have to meet pa with Serenata for the bridal march song and guest lists, sana mag RSVP sila agad para sa headcount sa caterer.