Friday, April 29, 2011

The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel

I will blog again about this trip, since I can't stay long to blog, I will just share some of our hotel room pics.
I love our room, the only thing I dont like is everything is chargeable,, hahaha!!!

That's all for now, more pics to be posted soon. =)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Wait for us Hongkong

It is my long time wish to go to Hongkong to visit the so called happiest place on earth Disneyland and meet Mickey and Minnie, it is always on our to-do list but due to work and other priorities, the plan remains only a plan.
We will be celebrating our wedding anniversary next month, our initial plan was to hit the beautiful beach of Boracay since it is summer, but it is impossible for me to take few days leave for our aaniversary as I will be starting on my new work on May 3,  our next option was to book a 2 night stay in Marina Bay Sands just for a weekend before our anniversary but we can not maximize our stay if we will check in on Saturday and will check out early Monday morning as we have both need to go to work, then Mark suggested that we better celebrate it before I start to work, we crossed out Boracay because we knew that it is too crowded days before Labour Day, so it is Hongkong for us,,,yey!!!
I checked jetstar but the price is high, then I looked for cebu pacific and to my dismay the prices were higher than jetstar, we were about to book for jetstar but my fingers started to type Singapore Airlines, surprisingly they were offering a great deal for us, the 2 to go promo, the price we got was almost the same of Jetstar,,, but with the services we will get it is really a great deal.
The next thing we did was to find for our accomodation, we wanted to stay at Disneyland Hotel (as it will be convenient for us if we stay first to Disneyland Hotel on our first day then transfer to a cheaper hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui area or nearby)  but there is no available room, so I changed our itinerary (i hope i am doing a right thing) from Hongkong International Airport we'll go straight to Macau wherein we booked a 1 night stay at The Venetian Macao-Resort Hotel, (big smile).
We'll be back to Hongkong on our second day of our trip, this time we book Cosmo Kowloon Hotel, Mark spent the whole night till 5 am to find the best hotel for us, (best means affordable, nice/clean, and accessible), I am not expecting too much on this hotel but I am still hopeful that it will exceeds my expectation (hehehe).
We are very excited on this trip, can't wait for next week,,, yehey!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011


I am always looking forward for weekends, im sure all of us do, yihee!!!

Weekend means going to city for a sumptuous dinner, late movie, simple shopping, which also means  a lot of talkings with my hubby, more quality time with him, more sleeping time, and coffee and cheesecake, more time with facebook, blogs chatting, can watch tv till 3 am it's "SHOWTIME", church time, wet market, grocery time, a lot of cuddling and hugging, ang daming pwedeng gawin noh,, basta sobrang sarap ng weekend. 

Since Mark is busy for his new toy, I enjoyed my "ME" time last Saturday. After we ate our lunch, I went to CITISPA to inquire for a facial treatment, while Mark proceed to HOME FIX. Fortunately, they can accomodate me even if I don't have an appointment. It feels good after the facial, my face feels smooth, clean and relax. I dont wear make up, I am lazy on applying creams on my face, i just wash my face with a facial scrub, and I am using CY GRABIEL for my face and body.
I realized I'll be 30 in a few months (ouch!!!) so I became conscious about myself, ang taba ko na nga ang pangit ko pa hehhee,, now I am taking care of my face, I drink more water now (I always drinnk Ice tea and juices, ayoko kasi ng tubig walang lasa), i am avoiding oily foods, (good for my skin and for my weight hehhee).

I am kinda confused what brand to use, I read a lot of different brands, I dont know which one is the best, for now I am using L'Oreal day and night  cream, I am also using eye cream from L'Oreal.

How about you, what brand are you using? How does it works with you? Any recommendations? =)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Summer na!!!

Feelinng hot hot hot .... Feeling hot hot hot...

Summer is already here, and I haven't got a body ready for swimsuit wehehehe!!! I am slowly losing weight, proudly to say that I gave up pork for the whole month of March clap clap clap for me!!! Anyways, I got a new job, I asked my new employer if I can start 2nd week of May ( i was thinking to have our summer outing before I start on my new job) but they said they need me to start on May 3, (i am not complaining hehehe) so I have to postpone our summer trip =(

Summer is FUN FUN FUN!!!

My current scent is BEAUTY

Because I am beautiful (hahaha!!!) I am using BEAUTY by Calvin Klein. I love perfumes, especially the floral scents. I was not supposed to buy perfume because I am saving for a bag (hehehe). Whenever I go to mall I always look for new realeased perfumes then I saw this BEAUTY, I compared the price of the perfume and I am having second thoughts because with the price I just need to top up some more to have a new bag (Longchamp). The saleslady is very nice and she was offering good deals with lots of freebies, and this BEAUTY comes with a free tote bags weee!!!
Look what we've got:
(hubby also bought CK FREE for him)

We also got CK EUPHORIA for MEn for free!!! Really a good deal because both perfumes comes with lotion for me and after shave balm for mark, and shower bath. :D

My free bags yey!

(I am using the black tote bag)

A fragrant weekend to all!!! mwah!!!