Wednesday, July 31, 2013

On Sweets, Cheese, Hotdogs & etc

Hello friendships!!! Im still alive hahaha!!! I was just tamad talaga last week,, hindi ko na magamit ang excuse na busy ako hahaha, busy pala ako last week manood ng MMK klasiks hihihi, oh yeah mas type ko kasi yung mga kwento dati saka artista before mas nagagalingan ako. 
May isa nga dung kwento na nacapture talaga ang emotion ko hihihi, ung kwento nung bata na nag aaral sa ilalim ng poste at ngayon isa na syang guro nafeature pa sya dati sa news, si Shaina yung gumanap sa karakter, I'm praying na sana successful sya today at maligaya. Aside sa panonood may Gladmat festival dito yun yung parang food festival nila alam nyo naman si aketch mahilig sa food, e 1 week un hahaha kaya almost everyday kami dun, 1 day lang ata kami pumalya kasi umulan, saka malapit lang sa haus walking distance lang tapos ang dami tao masaya,,, kaya eto aketch mataba na ulit huhuhu, gusto ko pa naman sana payat na ako sa bday ko wahehe. 
Enjoy the photos mga friends konti lang kasi busy ako sa pagnguya that time hihihi. 

Byeiiiii muna,, a lot of catching up to do,,, 

God bless us!!!! Mwah!!!! 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Sunday's Photo

Just sharing this photo, hope it brightens your week! God bless us all! : )

Friday, July 19, 2013

Outfit Yesterday and Big Horn Steak House

Hello friendships! 

Share ko lang ang mga kaganapan kahapon. 

Umuwi ng maaga si hubby at may bitbit na flowers. 

Ang aga nya nakapambahay pa nga ako e. 

Outfit yesterday puro old clothes ko, yung pants lang yung kakabili ko lang weeks ago, 

Jacket from Zara, Top from Zara, Pants from H&M, Scarf from H&M, Shoes from Pedro, Shades from CD

Dinner at Big Horn Steak House

Natuwa ako yesterday puro meat e hehehe. 

Bagong discovery and favorite ulit namin ni Mark ang Big Horn,,, 

It is located inside Victoria Hotel

 Verdict: Excellent food, great service and ambiance,,, medyo pricey but for the food and service it is all worth it.

4 thumbs up from us! Hehehe : ) 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fine Dining

Happy 12th year Anniversary Hon!!! Thank you for loving me for 13 years,,, 1 year of courting and 12 years bf-gf. Love you hon, mwah mwah!!!

This video shows much more about love, the father despite of little resources wanted it to be a perfect day for her daughter.
When Mark had me he has nothing to offer but his sincerity and love, It is amazing how he makes effort everyday to please me and makes me happy. He would go to Dangwa at 5am to buy a dozen of roses, a huge teddy bear from Bear Cuddler on my birthday  which cost him his 1 month allowance and countless of efforts showing his love for me until this very moment.

To the man who is brave enough to pursue me and stood beside me,,, Thank you for allowing me to experience to love and be LOVED. God bless us!

Monday, July 15, 2013

My First Catch

Last Saturday we decided to test if the fishing rod we bought for me is lucky enough to catch fish and also to practice how to use it. After a few minutes of throwing I am kinda impatient na, I keep asking Mark if there are fish in that place, syempre sabi ng husband ko di daw nauubos ang isda sa dagat, after a while Mark caught his first catch on that day and it triggered me more to throw the bait and my spirit was lifted that I can catch too but after some time waley pa din, but I am still happy, I told myself we already have 1 fish di na kami ma zezero until I found myself enjoying throwing and spinning hanggang sa binabagalan ko na and I was having this moves like dancing facing left and right I was putting rhythm in it and I was focused in sensing if a fish bite my bait, then Mark got 2 fish and another 3 fish,,, I was happy na may ulam na kami, I am not expecting na that I will catch any, and until I am not only enjoying it but I find it calming and relaxing, I am enjoying to see the sky and watching the birds flying and also trying to catch fish hehehe dumadive sila sa tubig hehehe,, suddenly there is something that kept wrestling with my rod, my rod was bending already as I spin to pull the string,, I was screaming to my husband na parang my huli ako, he took the rod from me to help me I am a girl talaga this is not my thing hahaha,, I was nervous, excited and happy when I met my first mackerel.

After that I had 3 more, Mark was very happy kasi my catch was bigger than what he usually caught, mas mahaba sya sa baking dish, too bad I didn't take photo of them at home kasi I was really tired and I watched na The Voice while husband cleaned and cooked them, I mentioned before that we don't have a freezer di ba hence the explanation why he need to cook it agad, we are planning to buy a freezer na to stock up the fish as I want to go fishing everyday hehehe,, kaso naman di pa namin ubos ang ulam, I don't like sinaing na isda kaya magpiprito si Mark tapos yung iba sinasaing nya, yesterday I cooked ginisang ampalay to paired with our fish dish. Yummy and Healthy!!!!

I am very happy to experience this simple life again, back when I was young ang simple ng buhay namin, payak, kulang financially pero masaya, secured and contented na, until I worked in Singapore, I earned something that made me financially independent, I was having a career and always need to prove something everyday, I need to keep up the status and I was occupied of being competitive kasi you'll never know when you will lose your job, I was afraid not to be able to maintain the lifestyle na meron ako noon, I want to eat this, try this, pretty things, to go here and there but now I learned again that simple living really is the key to the true happiness. Kaya for those having a hard time on their job, stressed out na sabi nga nila Stay Calm, Relax and Enjoy, spend a whole day with the family, go to church with your loved ones, enjoy the nature, do what you enjoyed the most, kiss and hug everyone you love, make time to send a message or call your friend to catch up, appreciate things in your home, simple joys are the best. =)

Be grateful. Smile. Enjoy.

Have a Cheerful Heart Friendships!!!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Let's Accessorize Fridate

Happy Weekend Everyone!!! 

It's a cloudy Saturday here, our initial plan is to go for a small cruise trip just around stavanger but we will just reserve it for another sunny day, sayang lang kasi if hindi maaraw. : )

Now is the best time for fishing, ang daming mackerel ngayon dito. The other day Mark's officemate has caught 25 mackerels, imagine that, most of them na matatagal na dito will go fishing pag summer and store it in the freezer para sa winter may stock na sila, so we are thinking the same din hehehe that's why yesterday we bought another fishing rod for me,,,i hope i can catch as many as i can,,, wish me luck guys hehehe. 
Buying a fishing rod is the main purpose of going to the mall but I didn't resist that Accessorize is having 70% off for some items, so I got myself these 

I got these kaartehan for only 146.40 nok or more or less 1050 pesos only : )

May asian store din kasi dun kaya we took the opportunity to buy our very own Toyo, Suka and other vegetables and stuff that we don't normally find in the supermarket, mabigat na ang dala ni Mark kaya we decided to go home na lang and have dinner nearby. 

This is the Accessorize store near our home,,, they are slashing the price too... 

After a small walk, close na kasi mostly ang shops,,, kaya dinner time na hehehe,,, 

We dined in Aro's,,, ito yung hinahanap ni Mark na kinakainan nya dati nagbago lang pala ng name but they still serve the same food,,, finally nakakain din kami ng chicken ala Max's : ) 

The picture won't do justice how tasty this chicken was,,, 
At alam nyo na kung ano ang order ko hehehe ang walang kamatayang CARBONARA hahaha

I can't call these selfie kasi dalawa kami kaya I will call these Doublie hihihi or Couplie hehehe,,, joke joke joke tawa naman kayo hehehe 

God bless us everyone!!! Be happy and gorgeous!!! : ) 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wayne's Coffee

I love going to coffee shop not because of the coffee but the idea of sipping a cup of coffee over a great conversation and a very nice tasting cake on the side. I am not a coffee person kasi e, i can live without it. 
There is no Starbucks here, I'm collecting pa naman their tumblers,,, actually my favorite in Starbucks is their green tea frap kaya when I was working palagi ko tinitimpla yung green tea with cofeemate hehehe. 
There's a lot of coffee shop here but I've only tried Le Francais and Wayne's Coffee. I like the location of Le Francais it is in the middle of shopping stores while this Wayne's Coffee is very accessible to us. 

I like the homey ambiance of it. 

I've never tried carrot cake before but this one is my instant favorite, snob ko muna ang chocolate cake. 

Oh and I love my mocha cappuccino here,,,
What is the sense of this post well i am craving for it now,,, 
Have to say goodbye now,,, need to go out to have a bite of it : )

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Cheesy Movie Nights

One of the things I love here in Norway is the time, especially this summer kasi ang haba ng oras na may araw, plus yung working hours, nobody will complain about lacking of quality time with their loved ones here, kasi naman they can go home from work ng 4pm or earlier because they can offset the excess hours that they worked for other days. My husband's latest time to be at home is 6:30pm kapag overtime na sya nyan ha, and by that time our dinner is ready para pagdating nya dinner na kami. After dinner which is done usually at 7:30pm, sometimes we will go out to go to supermarket kasi nabibigatan ako minsan or we just stayed at home to watch teleserye and movies.

I am lucky that my husband can watch romantic cheesy movies hehehe,, to the couples who want to have a full night of holding hands, cuddling and kissing you should watch romantic movies hehehe,, masaya sya hehehe,, we watched old movies and yung mga movies na narelease during courting days or yung mga first months ng relationships para reminiscing na din hehehe,, and sometimes there are moments pa na nakakarelate sa scenes hehehe,,

Who wouldn't love Pretty Woman,,, ang ganda ni Julia at ang gwapo ni Richard Gere, I dont know how many times I've watched this movie pero same kilig and amuse na amuse ako kay Julia sa movie na ito hehhee,,

Pati one of our favorites na tagalog movies pinanood namin. I don't like Kristine Hermosa before pero dito sa movie na ito ko sya nagustuhan. Ewan ko but I am always crying everytime I watch her movie with Jericho. This movie was shown in 2003, so if iaanalyze ko parang we were in the same level of relationship nung nasa movie, na parang matatag na pero madaming bagyo na dumadating na pwedeng mabuwag din pag naging mahina kaya medyo nakakarelate kami and at the same time maganda talaga yung story. Saka dito namin naging favorite yung kantang Afraid the Love to Fade, saka magaganda din yung Tayo'y Magsayawan at Bongga Ka Day, watch it watch it,,, it is a good movie. =)

Pati John Lloyd at Bea na movies pinanood namin hehehe,, Itong Close To You like ko lang yung mga scene with John Lloyd nakakatwa sila, they were best friend sa movie tapos si John Lloyd in love kay Bea hehehe,, we were somehow nakakarelate kasi we started as friends ni Mark pero may gusto pala sya sa akin hihihi,,

At ang Popoy at Basya hehehe,,, sa isang relationships may mga ups and downs talaga e, saka meron yung familiarity sa isa't isa na minsan natatake for granted yung love kasi nagiging routine na, I'm just happy that we passed that stage and that we chose to stay with each other.

Last night we watched yung Sharon And Gabby naman na nagka amnesia si Gabby, tapos yung kay Dawn at Richard naman na si Richard naman nagka amnesia hehehe,, tawang tawa si Mark kasi amnesia daw pala ang trend ng story dati kaya sabi nya mamaya daw ay My Amnesia Girl naman daw panoodin namin hehehe,,

Seriously I am thinking to watch later yung Pangako Ikaw Lang ni Regine At Aga,, I love that movie din kasi, gustong gusto ko yung chapel dun na kung Catholic lang ako gusto ko dun ikasal, It was released in 2001 pala that was the year nung naging kami ni Mark kaya memorable yung movie sa akin, I remembered we watched it together sa moviehouse hehehe =) Ang gaganda din ng songs na ginamit sa movie =)

Kaya I ready na ang snacks and watch romantic movies hehehe,, our version of tipid date night na full of love, kilig, and laughters sometimes nakikiiyak din sa bida hehehe =)

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Random Saturday : )

Happy weekend friendships!!! 

Ang ganda ng weather today 20 deg C e kaya sarap sa labas. We had our coffee in Le Francais again, nakakatuwa lang kasi dahil sa maaraw lahat ng customers gusto sa labas umupo at magbilad sa araw ako lang ang ayaw pero no choice ako kasi nailabas na ang tables and chairs pumili na lang ako ng di pa nasisikatan ng araw hahaha,,, 

Nakakatuwa lang kasi halos lahat ng nakikita namin e couples na senior na, sana ganun pa din kami hanggang sa tumanda kami. 

See gusto talaga nila ng araw : )

After our breakfast we just walked around and talked about our dreams : )

This alley has the most colorful houses/commercial, yung house na kulay orange e coffee shop din with books, i haven't been there pero mukhang masaya dun : )

At etong asawa ko nangarap ulit, libre naman ang mangarap kaya go go go lang : )

Eto ang nadagdag sa dreams nya : )

Ang dami kasing yate dito kaya etong asawa ko di mapigilang di mangarap, gusto daw nyang magkaganito kami, tapos date date daw kami dito hehehe
Binibiro ko sabi ko mga ilang taon kaya kami magkaganyan hehehe,,, isa sa hinahangaan ko sa asawa ko ay ang fighting spirit nya mataas at tiwala kay God, laging positive attitude sya mga goals at dreams sa buhay : )

After mag ikot ikot, dumaan kami sa bilihan ko ng gulay mas mura dito kesa sa supermarket

Look at the H&M at the back : )

Lots of strawberries : )

And hubby cooked this chicken wrapped in bacon,,, porkie day namin ngayon hahaha,,, cheat day again : )

Sorry di ko na naayos yung picture im blogging using my phone kasi : )

Wishing you a very happy weekend mga friendships!!! : )

God bless us,,, : )

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Nail Polish of the Day: Bluer than Blue Tuesday

Hello gurls!!! Hello JULY!!!

July is a memorable month for us, because on this month 12 years ago, I let my husband (my bf then) hold my hands, yihee,,, naks,, napa oo nya ang aking pihikan at takot na puso hihihi,,, enough of this cheesyness hahaha...

I am very low maintenance when it comes with my nails, I think sa lahat naman ng bagay e but most especially sa nails, when I was in Singapore I will have a footspa/scrub once or twice a month and it includes the pedicure, just because I am already there I also include the manicure for an additional charge. When I was younger when I can not afford to pay for that kakikayan, I am lucky to have my nails done when I find a cousin or a tita who is DIY-ing her nails and willing to do mine, but most of the time I just cut my nails short, very simple as that, my nails are ugly they don't have shape like others do, kaya I am frustrated with them wahehehe,,,

So today will be the official date when I painted my nails myself, ang hirap pala especially when I had to do it in my right fingers hehehe,, at hindi talaga ako artistic kasi lampas lampas ang pag color ko wahehehe,, baka daig pa akong magkulay ng mga nursery kids, hahaha! Well I have to practice more and want to try more colors too.

Nail Polish: Maybeline Color Show by COLORAMA;   661 OCEAN BLUE