Monday, March 31, 2014

Newest Favorites

Hello Friendships!!!

How are you? We were very busy last week that I wasn't able to say hello here in my blog =)

Anyways, I want to share my newest favorites,,,,

My love affair with Ritter Sport chocs especially their Praline flavor started way before pa when I was in SG, but suddenly we can't find that flavor anywhere in SG, ang conclusion pa nga ni hubby baka diniscontinue kasi lugi sila ang sarap sarap,,, much from my surprise, during our trip to Hirtshals, my friend opened a bar of Praline Ritter Sport!!!!! wahhh she said she bought it in duty free =) after I learned that I promise that I will never leave that ship without buying,,,, chos!!! hehehe. (thanks Irene!)

picture source here (sorry natamad na ako magpicture nakalimutan ko kasi)

I am very loyal with my perfume Versace Bright Crystal, minsan kahit may bago bumabalik balik pa din ako sa kanya, but since I had the opportunity to buy a cheaper perfume in duty free, I looked for something fresh na pwede kong everyday perfume para different scent. I heard a lot of raves for DKNY  Be Delicious but never had a chance to try it, then suddenly it caught my attention again, spray it on my pulse and I can't put it down ang bango bango talaga, but this one is their Limited Edition Empire Apple,, I like that it is very handy din and I can just slip it in my bag, promise ang bango bango nito =)))

Can you see that gold chain necklace, I love love to wear it, lakas makadagdag ng self confidence hehehe kahit pa I am joking that it came to Saudi pa hehehe,, di ba dati pag galing saudi ang lalaki ng gold chain, actually matagal ng uso ito e but ngayon lang ako nag gave in hehehe,, I know super delayed reaction ako hehehe,, minsan kasi ako ayaw ko ng nakikiuso kaya maganda ding palampasin ng konti hehehe,, and got it in a very low price, super sale hihihi!!!

And last, my graffiti water bottle, it has a message na Love Me, since summer is almost here, there are many outdoors and indoors activities and sa summer aside from sunblocks, being hydrated is most important kaya I"ll make sure to carry this water bottle whenever I need it, and dont you love the design,,, very stylish for me, I also bought one for my husband.

There you go. How about you, is there any new discoveries you want to share?

Happy Monday!!! God bless us always!!! keep smiling and be happy!!!! =)))

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Travel: Hirtshals Weekend Getaway =)

Hello beauties!!!

Musta na kau? Im perfectly fine, pati weather dito fine na fine hahahah joke,, mainit na ngayon, ganda ng weather.

We had a mini get away last weekend, we were lucky to be able to join the very nice, warm and funny group in this trip, we really had a very wonderful cruising-bonding together,,, and it was a steal because we booked it in a very very low price.

Sa loob pa lang quota na kami sa pictures sulit na ang bayad namin :)

ang saya parang field trip talaga, too bad I forgot to take pictures of our room. This was my first time to ride a cruise ship, although small lang ito compared sa aking inaasam asam na Superstar Virgo e I am super happy pa rin that I've experienced this.

We left Stavanger Saturday night and we arrived in our destination at 7:30 am, Hirtshals is a small town in Denmark, e Sunday kaya mostly ang mga shops ay close, but still we enjoyed our bonding time together, and my first time to see a lighthouse in person, naakyat ko pa, and had a breathtaking view from top.

The lighthouse

Thank you guys for a weekend filled with joy, funny jokes, wonderful adventures, bonding moments and happy conversations,,, let's do this again!!! =)))

Have a great week ahead friendships!!! =)))

Monday, March 17, 2014

Starting Over Again

Hello beauties!!!

Happy Monday!!!

May pasine dito ng Starting Over Again kahapon, the truth is napanood ko na sya online hehehe,,, hindi ko na nahintay yung kahapon pero okies lang parang support na din sa filipino community kasi fund raising project din nila ito. 

Yung first time ko sya mapanood mag isa lang ako dito sa bahay at buti na lang din na pinanood ko sya before pa kasi may privacy ako hahaha mag titili, kiligin, umiyak nang hindi nakakahiya, hindi pigil ang emosyon ko hihihi,,, 
At eto naman hihihi, tawang tawa ako nung sinabi nya sa sarili nya "feeling mo ang ganda ganda mo, puro ka naman PANGA hehehe" at yung nareject sya sa role na Mama Mary kasi di sya kamukha ni Mama Mary, tapos nung makita nya si Iza Calzado "bakit daw kamukha nya si Mama Mary" aw talaga sa part nya. Kasi naman di ba kung ganun kaganda ung current ng ex mo kakaiyak talaga.

Nagandahan ako sa pangalang Genina (ba un?) at humanga ako sa "katapangan nya" alam nya ang gusto nya at sinasabi nya kung ano yung nasa loob nya, in a way I wished I am like her, matapang at determinado sa buhay, nalungkot lang ako kasi nagpadala sya sa nanay nya, masyado din syang nasilaw sa success, pero kasi dun sa 3 years na yun yun nga talaga yung time na medyo boring ang relationship na lahat na lang nakikita mo ay yung flaws nung partner at pag nalampasan naman yun e lalong titibay ang relationship,,, siguro yun naman ang hinangaan ko kay Patty (Iza) yung commitment nya sa relationship nila ni Marco, 

Ours began in a most unexciting way, as friends. Now, our love may be quiet and boring but it is sure. With the right amount of trust and love, and even an allowance for mistake. I love him Ginny and in love, there is no fear." -Patty

"and even an allowance for mistake" winner ito sa akin. Saka yung "my love is greater than your failures"

tatapusin ko na lang ito sa sinabi ni Wella (Beauty Gonzales) ganda kasi ng moment nila dyan hehehe,,, 

"Adik ka na naman sa pag-asa eh. Try mo na kaya lumaklak ng realidad?"

Enjoy the week beauties!!!! =)))


Friday, March 14, 2014

Happiness Lately

Hi beauties!!! 

This is a quick post lang ha :)

I am in the process of learning to ride a bike on my own, such a revelation... My parents won't allow me to ride a bike when I was a kid, at tunatakas kang ako pag umaangkas ako sa mga pinsan ko, but i told u my life here is different, i am always wearing rubber shoes n dati e sandals lang o slippers, palaging naka jacket etc pati hobby since i can feel the spring na everyone here is riding a bike during summer kaya I have to learn also. 

 My husband took a video kaso I can't upload here using my phone. 

Yesterday my husband brought me
 flowers and chocolates, i discovered this chocs nung weekend when we had a small gathering e iniisnob snob ko lang sa grocery ang sarap sarap pala, feeling ko chocs lang ang intention ni husband n bilhin kaso siguro nilubos lubos na sinamahan na ng flowers :)))

At sulit naman ang dala nya because i prepared this hearty and tasty meal last night. 

How are u beauties? Hope you are all having a great time. Tomorrow is Friday Hooray!!! :) 

Friday, March 7, 2014

Foodie: Smoked Salmon Soft Taco Rolls

Hello Friendships!!!

I want to share you this very easy to do and healthy snack, I got this recipe when I attended a birthday party 2 weeks ago, and I fell in love with it.


300g Smoked salmon (thinly sliced)
Philadelphia Cream Cheese
8 pcs medium super soft taco
Ruccula (i don't know sa english e basta mukha syang pako hehehe)
picture of ruccula photo source here


Spread the Philadelphia Cream Cheese in your soft taco
then lay the smoked salmon, add the ruccula and wrap it tightly, cut into small pieces.

The finished product =)

You can also use canned tuna instead of salmon, lettuce and mayonaise as an alternative.
It is very presentable to serve din, if you have small party at home ang ok nya iserve, and this recipe is very timely for the Lenten season.
Since we are cutting back rice and meat on our menu, this is our tonight's dinner. =)

Happy Friday!!! enjoy your weekend!!!! =)

Monday, March 3, 2014

My Current Creamy Favorites

Hi sisters!!!

How's life? Been quite for a week na, Im definitely good and a lot of blessings are pouring on us,, Thank you Lord! =)

Our weekend was spent with a lots of quality time together, we just realized that we spent most of our past weekends with friends and we missed our alone time together. I am always in my happy mood nowadays simply because I can feel the spring coming!!! hooray!!!

Let me share you the two things which make my day more beautiful.

This tiny tube from L'Occitane is doing a great job on my hands and I love love love the flowery scent, I am finishing my first tube which is the pink one with a rose scent,,, super super love ko toh.

This is a brown cheese,,, super yummy nito. I eat this with our very own skyflakes,, hehehe,, this is my merienda, sometimes my lunch, and midnight snack hehehe,, walang kasawa sawa hehehe,,, I wish norway is just very near to Philippines (not sure kasi if we have na this in our home country), kung pwede nga lang iabot sa screen ng laptop eh hehehe. I really want to share this with my family and friends,,, super sarap nito. =)

Hope you had a great Monday!!!