Saturday, March 31, 2012

Outfit of the Day: Bowling Saturday

Later we will go to Bukit Batok to play bowling with our housemates.

Here's my outfit of the day:

I bought these shorts and blouse at SM day after our wedding kaya may sentimental value sila.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Outfit of the Day: My 5sgd dress

It was my first time to go to Bugis Market (it's like divisoria mall na madaming murang damit), I never thought that there is such a place like that here in Singapore, as in clueless ako kung alam ko lang plagi akong andun. Mostly mga 10sgd to 15 sgd mga price ng mga damit, i bought 2 shorts worth 10sgd each tapos mga earings na 3 for 5sgd, hanggang sa makita ko yung dress na to, ang nice ng color tapos 5sgd lang?! Yey!!!

So here's me wearing my 5sgd dress from bugis market. Pasensya na sa BRASO hehehe, wish ko mapaliit ko sya.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cooking: Chicken Binagoongan sa Gata with Asparagus

I was inspired by my friend Gia to cook this. I've known Gia during our wedding preps, we are both w@wies, she is very creative and very generous in sharing ideas, since then we became friends and everyday we send emails to each other.
Last week during our "daily kumustahan sa email" palagi un ano food for lunch and ano baon ko bcoz she knew n hindi ako kumakain sa canteen namin, tapos yun na she mentioned that she cooked binagoongan chicken with coconut milk tapos may pininyahan manok pa sya, "sarap" i told her nakkatakam nman yung binagoongan, i got curious kasi d ko p natry ung binagoongan chicken.

So I make my own version yesterday and nasarapan nmn si hubby pati hausmates namin.


Chicken drumlets
Bell Pepper
Coconut milk
Alamang bagoong

Super easy to cook,,,

1. Saute garlic, ginger, tomato and bell pepper.
2. Put the chicken drumlets until it become tender
3. Add 4 tbsp of bagoong alamang haluin hanggang evenly distributed n ung alamang sa chicken, you will notice n may konting juice na sya
4. Add n din yung coconut milk at asparagus hayaang kumulo then lagyan ng konting sugar at pepper at yung siling green n haba para may konting anghang, tapos wait for 10 mins basta luto n yung manok at maganda na yung hitsura nung sauce, luto na yun hehehe, sorry tantyahan lang kasi ako.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I Hate Food *chos*

So far naachieve ko ang goal ko n mareduce ng 1kg a week yehey,, congratulations to me,,61 kg n lng ako hahaha!! Nireveal n ang weight ko, hehehe, from 65kg to 61kg aba sobrang proud ako sa sarili ko, target weight ko sana is 55kg so another 6 weeks pa. Kaso hehehe gusto ko ng mag buffet hehehe, kagabi niyaya ko n si Mark hahaha!!! Pero bawal bawal talaga pag kumain ako dapat bawiin ko sa exercise e sobrang tamad ko kasi nga nagppkagutom ako, nagpapakagutom in the sense na binabawasan ko na yung food intake ko, saka less rice na lang di tulad dati na isang bandehadong kanin kaya kong kainin, saka may mga times na bread lang kinakain ko sa gabi, tapos nakakaya kong iresist yung temptation like ung ulam nmin n adobo na super peyborit ko at ako pa ang nagluto which is alam kong masarap hahaha kidding aside pag natikman nyo adobo ko masarap talaga, di ako kumain nung dinner n un, binaon ko n lng nung lunch the nxt day hehehe.
We'll see kung makaya ko p hanggang weekend, deserve ko nmn magkaroon ng cheat day di ba? hahaha *cge ijustify ko pa*
Cancelled n yung summer getaway sana for our anniversary pero itutuloy ko p din pagdiet ko, aba pag nagtuloy tuloy yun sa May 17 e 53kg n lang ako, o di ba, pihado ang sexy ko n nyan hahaha, kahit sa kwarto lang mag to two piece ako *chos* hahaha!!!

Sa picture na lng muna ako titingin sa mga pagkain, tinorture talaga ang sarili hahaha!!!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hitting the Beach NO MORE

At this point, I learned a lot of things about life, and one of them is that "most of the times we can never have it all" and bottomline is to be happy and grateful on every single blessings that we have, sometimes kasi we tend to focus on what is lacking on our lives than appreciating the things that we are actually holding in our hands.

Remember last two weeks na I am hoping and praying for a good news, and I think nabanggit ko din sa previous blog post ko na I finally received it, yey!!! Thank You Lord for another answered prayer, talagang ang lakas ko po sa Inyo!!! Got a new job peeps, that's the good news, I am serving a new company next month, and we had to cancel our plan to celebrate our anniversary in Boracay in May, there's always a next time naman and besides gettingh a new job is far more important than going to Boracay kasi you will notice from my the past months na super stressful and work ko sa daming problem sa project namin.
 Oh Bora kelan kaya tayo magkikita? God knows when and I know His plan is perfect. 

By the way, I just noticed na I lost my interest to blog here when I dont have any picture to post along with my blog post, kaya ito yung pic ko kanina #maymaipostlang

Friday, March 9, 2012


Sobrang na-shock ako ng nagawa ko to 3 sunod sunod na bulls,, to think n d talaga ako naglalaro ng darts nakikigulo lng, but Mark challenged me to hit the bulls, at nagawa ko hehehe!!!
By the way, I received good news yesterday, but not yet really official, I'm still praying and claiming it! Thank You Lord!!! Mwah!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Foodie: Ramen Play

We had an early dinner in Ramen Play located at 313 mall in Somerset, it was our second time there. I love their green tea milkshake, sobrang sarap nito, must try talaga. We ordered the Sanpou Tonkotsu Ramen sabaw pa lang sulit na, the pork belly is very tender and also the char siew, it really melts in our mouth, sobrang yummy, and the boiled egg in it  is not dry, this is highly recommended talaga, we also ordered the Chicken Mustard Platter masarap din ito at ang ganda ng plating (sosyal) hehehe we will definitely order it again on our next visit.

The place is very nice, neat and cozy, the staffs are all very friendly, and always alert when you need them, yung first time kasi namin was full packed pero the crews were very attentive sa needs ng customers, this time since sobrang aga namin kaya 4 tables lang yung occupied.

                                                 my favorite green tea milk shake so refreshing

                                                 See the egg sobrang nice diba? love it!!

                               This is the Chicken Mustard Platter, ang nice ng plating noh, lahat ng andito masarap talaga, ung chicken sa right side sobrang crispy na basta masarap, yung salad sa gitna hmmmmm din and yung chicken balls sa left side masarap din, sulit talaga.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Saturdate:Nakaparagan at JCO

Yesterday was very hot (actually everyday), I can feel that the summer has already started, so we went out after lunch and HHWW again in the mall hehehe,, I was craving for J.CO donut for a week, we decided to buy for my tummy and for our friends. By the way, I read from Frannywanny blog that J.CO will be opened in Manila, so for all my friends and family there hooray watch out for it,, it's my favorite here in Singapore, I think the best donut I've ever tasted, mas love ko sya kesa sa Gonuts Donuts.

Then we passed by in this Market Place where in you can find different kinds of cheese and hams,, yummyness!!!


And here is my Outfit post, remember the 10sgd blouse I bought last week, I wore it yesterday,

 I just matched it with my old shorts, ipinaragan ko (paragan means tucked in), i bought the shorts in a small store in Lot One Mall sa Choa Chu Kang 12sgd lang yan hehehe, fitflop slippers and my LV speedy 30 bag. I'm happy with my outfit kaya I decided to post it here, kasi feeling ko pumayat ako tingnan hehehe,, but actually when I weighed this morning I am happy to say that I lost 1 kg this week,, yiheeee!!! Hope magtuloy tuloy ang pagbawas ng timbang ko,, sana sana talaga pumayat ako para ma-carry ko ang pag post ng Outfit of the Day,, hehehe,,

Have a blessed week everyone!!! God bless us all!!!