Saturday, August 29, 2015

7 Days Living Without Rice

Happy weekend pretties! :)

How's your week? It was raining non stop since Monday that last till Thursday, it is a very good time to stay at home since I am on a diet, and a lot of teptations are waiting for me outside 😆

Most of the food I ate this week 😊

Yesterday my husband fetched me at home after his work to have a walk and breath outside. I ate a slice of bread before we go since I knew that I can't say no if my tummy starts to growl. 

We passed by to a store where they sell Pandora, he told me to choose from their charms and I choose the girl and boy charms which represent me and hubby.

He told me that this is my reward for giving up rice for 6 days. 

And before we go home I knew that my husband was very hungry and I heard this very often that you should not let the driver hungry, so I told him to order food for himself, talagang 1st time I didnt order for myself, kasi kami if I don't like the food I'll order kahit ano lang but now I want my food as much as possible to be homemade until I attain my goal. 

I'm just proud of myself for winning to this challenging moment hehehe 😄

Today is my 7th day without rice in my system, so happy ❤️

I had bread and milk for breakfast, my hubby cooked our lunch, seafood with veggies 

After eating our lunch we went to post office to send a mail and after we were done, my husband talked to the counter and showed his celphone, then suddenly the staff gave him a package. He immediately told me to open it 😊

I super love these charms, he inquired and ordered pa for these in different city, his effort of carefully choosing each of these made them more meaningful. 
The charms as per hubby:

The love charm is the Love between us 😍
The Home charm is another charm which symbolizes myself, he said "his home is where I am" -so sweet

The 2 bears represents our moymoy and giday bear cuddler version which we had before we got married.

It is not shown clearly in the pic but it is the heart in which when you open there's an engagement ring inside. I wear my engagement and wedding ring daily, they are part of me. 

The last charm is the ball with full of hearts sabi nya wala lang nagandahan lang sya hehehe. 
Apparently he was supposed to give these on my birthday but since the package has arrived today and we were already there he took it na din. 

I know na late reaction ko sa pandora and medyo naooa-yan ako sa sarili ko na nagpopost sa fb o instagram pagpasensyahan nyo na pero pag nasimulan pala you can't get enough. And minsan lang naman ako magpost and medyo iba nga mood ko today siguro dahil 1 week na lang birthday ko na kaya hyper ako hehehe. kaya sorry fb and instagram friends 😆

Pahabol hahaha 😆

I had my photoshoot with my bracelet hehehe

and yep I made this as my cover photo in fb "oa" sorry 😊

Kita kits ulit here pretties! enjoy the weekend! 😘😘😘

Sunday, August 23, 2015

My First Pandora

Hello pretties, how's your weekend? 

Summer is not yet over here, and I am super enjoying it. I also love our new place, it is more convenient for us. The sentrum has everything in it and if we get bored and want to go to a bigger shopping mall we can go to Oslo or Sandvika. 

We had our saturdate in Sandvika Storsenter, I wore my favorite floral dress, sayang di ko napicturean ng close up ang lips ko, I put on my Viva Glam II lippie usually I just put a little of it or minsan pinapatungan ko pa ng ibang lighter shade kasi nga super red sya pero ok din pala sya na sya lang 😊 ang ganda pa sa lips di nagdadry and it stayed long too.

I really want to have pandora bracelet way before pa when I was in SG, I like also the idea of collecting charms, charms that will make me remember milestone, the things that I love and value, and will represent my personality. Since my birthday is coming up, I told my husband that I want to start my pandora's collection, so here it is 😍

I have only one charm yet hehehe hopefully I can add more the soonest para di naman sya malungkot, my first charm is very special since it symbolizes me, hubby and our love. I'm so in love with my bracelet and I don't want to remove it the moment I put it on, wahhh I am hooked already, I stayed online to look for other charms design, ang dami ko gusto, I like the bride and groom, the ballerina, the balerina shoe and many more hihihi. aw sleepless nights na naman. 
Thank you Hon for your early birthday present, love u 😘😘😘

Good night pretty ladies! Stay happy 😘😘😘

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Back Home 😊

Magandang umaga! 😊 

We had a very busy weekend, my husband had to take a leave from work to bring our stuff and buday here in our new home. My whole body is sore and At the moment I want to extend my bed time hehehe. 
Aside from we are busy it felt like it was a very short weekend, but we are glad that we were able to spend some of our time with friends. 

Last week, my bestfriend monitored my food intake from breakfast to dinner, I had to send photos every food I eat, she is pushing me hard to lose weight. 
She encouraged me not to eat rice at night, but since I am on a "holiday mode" I cheated for 4 days hehehe. Sorry Carmina let's do it again. 😘😘😘

Rice for breakfast 😊

here are my cheat meals hehehe and many more which I totally forgot to take photos hehehe. 

Sabi nga daw sa kanta "Sumpa ko sa sarili hinding hindi na, ngunit heto na naman ako, hindi na papipigil pa at di na paaawat... yan ang song ko pag may nakahain na masarap na food hehehe. 

Before our flight back home I did a little shopping, saw a small bookstore at the airport and grabbed something to read on the plane. 

and this flipflop just because it's pink 😍

have a nice week everyone! Got so much to do now. 

God bless 😘😘😘