Sunday, May 21, 2017

Outfit of the Day: Floral Prints

I am in love with the floral prints especially on the dresses, always make me smile whenever I see them. This year I see more of flowery design than last year. 

The weather here is very unpredictable a week of sunshine and then suddenly a week of non stop rain. But I am hoping that the temperature here will continue to rise so that we can enjoy outdoor activities with friends and a lot of walking/bonding with hubby and Bianca.

Today we were blessed with a good weather so we decided to go out. And just because I love my pants and shoes I asked my husband to take a picture of me. 

Blouse - Hard Rock Sweatshirt 
Pants - H&M
Flats - Tieks by Gavrieli in Chestnut

I love my shoes, but I think I am still in a breaking in period. I felt pressure on my big toes, I am thinking if I should go 1 size up when I order next time, but I am crossing my fingers that using them overtime will eliminate the pain on my big toes. 

This is my first ootd post for this year, how I wish I am always like that but actually my reality is messy hair in a ponytail, wearing an extra large shirts (which is usually I borrowed to hubby) or in my pajamas, and a happy baby (which is my daily goal). 

Super fun-filled Saturday!