Thursday, February 28, 2013

Emotions Candy Crush

Hello, lapit na ulit ang weekend!!!

 I thought I was already adjusted on our situation being physically separated with my husband, everyday is a struggle for me, that sometimes I get paranoid what if he has other woman there, blame it to the stories I heard and read, saka siguro sa kakapanood ko ng Face to Face wahehehe, husband never fails to secure me that I am the most beautiful in his eyes wahehehe,, ang linya nya palagi “Masaya ako sa buhay nating dalawa” naks naman dakilang bolero talaga ang asawa ko, and infairness naman to him, bahay-office lang talaga sya, and as soon as he stepped out of their office building e skype or viber agad sya, then magdamag kaming skype kahit tulog ako habang naglalaro sya ng Marvels hehehe. Ewan ko ba I am selosa but yung selos na nagwawarning lang hehehe but now maybe because of the boredom and the time that we were separated is too long na for me, kaya nagkaganito ako, e dati naman over sa confident ang lola nyo, madaming maganda? Mas maganda pa din ako wahehehe kahit hindi basta ganun kailangan may feeling kang ganun para yung asawa mo yun din ang mafeel kahit makakita ng ibang magandang babae ang isip nya din mas maganda pa din ang asawa nya hihihi!!!

I can say that being married was not that easy, I’m sure my husband will agree with me to this, lalo na kung kasing hirap ng ugali ko ang mapapangasawa, I tell you iba akong magtantrums hehehe,, iba akong magalit, maamo lang ang face ko sa picture na palaging antok ang mata pero may pagka tigre din ako hehehe,, joke. Seriously I am happy that Mark learned to absorb yung body language ko hehehe,, like whenever we were outside and he felt na I changed my mood from happy to being annoyed na hehehe, he knows what to do “HON KAIN NA TAYO GUTOM KA NA E” yan ang dialogue hehehe,, most of the times yung ayaw ko gusto ko yun hehehe,, I think it is very normal sa girls, basta I’m still pakipot kahit mag asawa na. 

Look how my husband addressed me as MY BEAUTIFUL HONEYBUNCH, sino ba naman di maiinlove dyan pag ganyan hihihi. 

I saw this video in Patty Laurel's blog. Everyday my prayer is this, that next to God, my husband will love me before anyone else including himself. That he will stay sweet, loving and caring even we are in our golden years. That I will be his source of joy each day of his life. 

I am amazed how God made it everything to happen, how we went to the same school, same class and how He didn't allow us to be involved in other person's life, I think that's the best thing He did for us, parehas kasi kami seloso/selosa and I can't imagine him doing sweet things to other girls kahit pa sabihing past, ex pa yun. He really reserved the two of us for each other talaga, imagine sa University with thousand of people and yet kami talaga, He never courted anyone sa university at wala din naman akong naging bf and medyo matagal din ang gap from 1st year until 3rd year college na niligawan nya ako.

Thank you Lord for creating our love story. We love you! =)

 (what's with the title? wala lang candy crush lang ngayon kinahuhumalingan ko hehehe. )

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Outfit of the Day

Yesterday was a very tiring day for me, I reached home about 10:30pm, prepared my dinner and my lunch for today, and watched Face to Face before I sleep,,( yes nanonood ako nyan).

Have a nice day everyone.

Ourfit of the day

Blouse: Forever21
Pants: Forever21
Shoes: Mango

Monday, February 25, 2013

Himig Love Songs

My husband shared this video on Facebook, I saw it already in my newsfeed posted by other friends but I just ignore it akala ko kasi slang yung pagakakanta, then husband tagged me when he posted the video. Ang cute nila,,

Ewan ko ba kay Mark bigla na lang nag emo at nakinig ng nakinig ng music siguro kagabi while I was asleep at nakita ko na lang paggising ko na he posted another video, ang sweet lang nung lyrics

"Di ko malimutan kung kailan nagsimulang matutong ikaw lang ang mahalin"

Napapaghalata lang ang edad namin sa mga song choices nya hehehe.

Monday na ulit, work and work na ulit. Buti pa sa Philippines walang pasok.

It's really more fun in the Philippines... =)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Yesterday's Outfit of the Day

Here's my outfit yesterday taken after breakfast with my friend Abie at McDo.

See ang dark talaga ng face ko kailangan ng madaming papaya soap hehehe.

I love SM accessories, yung necklace was only 199 pesos o di ba, basta saya sa SM ang gaganda ng accessories and headbands.

Love na love ko din itong sandals ko summer na summer na at di lang yan ang mura lang din nyan I think 299 or 399 pesos lang yan from SM department store din yan, "here at SM we've got it all for you" hehehe.

Blouse: H&M
Pants: Bershka
Necklace: SM Accessories
Bag: LV
Sandals: Chelsea

I feel "GOODies"

Have a blessed Sunday Everyone

I was out the whole day to meet Abie and my friend's mom to send pasalubong from Philippines and to walk around to treat my eyes with the beautiful things I can't afford for now, tipid mode dahil kakagaling lang sa gastos. After ng vacation sa Pinas, no. 1 tipid tip ay ubusin muna ang pagkaing binili sa pinas, going to grocery store will be lessen now hehehe,, hello master fried sardines (sarap nito favorite ko).

Hindi ako mahilig mag apply ng mga creams as in tamad ako sa ganyan pero I love yung mga whitening soaps hehehe,, basta may bago go and buy ako, hehehe,,

I am loving Celeteque so much, nakakabata ang pakiramdam hehehe,,, The Kojie-san soap is recommended by my brother hehehe, the other papaya soap Seriously White was from my cousin naman, Seriously gusto ko talagang pumuti, I noticed na darker ang face ko kesa sa neck ko e, and kung hindi lang talaga ako takot uminom ng gamot pumapapak na sana ako ng glutathione hehehe.

My bestfriend's husband went home same day with me from Qatar, look what my pasalubong from them

I have small collection of starbucks tumblers, major fail yung wala akong Manila but yan ang goal ko to collect from all the cities sa Pinas and wish ko to visit more countries para madagdagan ang collection ko or sana I can ask my friends from other countries to buy for me.

wish ko na madagdagan pa kayo ng madagdagan =)
Another ticked off in my list is to meet Sophie's Mom Red Velvet Cookies, I was really craving with this everytime Diane mentioned it in her blog, fortunately I have a very very good friend who bought it for me, Thanks Delo for granting my wish, we had a small get together with my college friends.

I love the cookies and the red velvet cupcake so much,, now learning how to bake is my major frustration hehehe.

Friday, February 22, 2013

I'm back

After all the start and stop, I’ll keep coming back to this blog hehehe.

I came back last Monday from my vacay, wow ang sarap sa atin, pero naging madrama din ako ngayong mga nakaraang araw, basta ang hirap, ang hirap iplease ang mga tao sa paligid, ang hirap magmahaba ang pasensya,,, ang hirap kumilos.. oh well that’s life,, need to focus on other things para happy happy lang.

Whenever I am in my not so happy mood, I really can’t blog here, ewan ko ba.

By the way, good news is Jollibee will be here in Singapore next month, and I heard from a friend na March 12 na daw ang opening, so malamang fiesta nun dito ang mga kababayan natin. BEEda na naman ang saya!!!

I am waiting for good news din kaya crossed fingers ang status ko ngayon, di nga lang fingers, crossed legs, lahat na nga crossed, hehehe,, so please pray for me na maging ok ang lahat, basta ako I fully trust the Lord, I know that he is working for His plans for us.

Bye for now, I have a lot of catching up to do.

Happy weekend!!! =)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Flying Home Later

In a few hours I'll be heading to the airport, im so excited yey!!! My room is still messy I need to clean a bit but before I do some last minute packing I want to share with you this video... cutest adorable kids!!!

It's more fun in the Philippines!!!! =)

Pume Feb-Ibig

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!

I know I'll be very busy to blog so I am writing it now before I go for my 7 days vacation. Well di ko feel ang valentines day walang romantic dinner ganyan talaga pag nasa long distance relationship wahehehe. Medyo a bit disappointed kasi nag escape na yung dream ko this February choz hehehe.

Love is in the air nga talaga, aminin nung bata kayo ang project sa February ay valentines card na hirap na hirap pa ako mag drawing ng hearts at mag cut out kasi palaging di pantay wahehehe,,

What I can say for this love month is allow ourselves to have some kilig, during the courting days yun ata ang less effort ng kilig, kasi just knowing that Mark is at my back, when our eyes met, when silence between us seems forever e kilig na kilig na yun, sabi nga ni Vice Ganda *kilig much*  I love those days na pakiramdaman lang hihihi, and when we were an item na (item talaga showbiz hihihi) those were the days na worry free na ako kung masaya ba ang valentines day ko, kung may flowers ba ako mare receive, kung may date ba ako, I am lucky to have a very sensitive bf/husband who knew everything how to make me kilig. And when we got married, ito na yata yung pinakacomplicated, you have to work hard for that kilig that sometimes I asked Mark to act like during our courting days basta may isang araw na angconversation naming or text namin is not the usual update, basta I dont call him Hon, kasi nga nanliligaw hihihi then when we meet after office tawa kami ng tawa.

I posted in my Facebook the video of the PaperMan which I saw from Diane's blog, I tagged Mark tapos nagcomment nagpaparamdam daw ako wahehehhe basta naglambing nagpaparamdam agad waheheh,,, ang cute lang ng video, ang daming messages nung video na pwedeng iinterpret e,

I really do believe in DESTINY but there's a but, I believe na pag gusto mo ang isang bagay work hard for it, contradicting I know basta ganun, wahehehe ang gulo ko di ba. Saka don't give up agad agad like ung guy sa video, I know effort yung magpalipad ng sandamukal na papel kangalay ng kamay yun, but Im sure he will think of a better way para mapansin.

Happy Hearts Day Everyone!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Pangarap kong sumakay ng eroplano

Magandang umaga... yap Im still wide awake now at 1:14am...di makatulog kasi gising din ang kachat ko...hehehe... malamang kasi 6:15pm pa lang ng hapon dun...ganito lang kami basta feel namin ang presensya ng isa't isa,,,solve na... busy sya eh may baong trabaho sa bahay...sipag... kung andyan ako gagawan kita ng snacks...may kiss : -* pa...

Im counting days again, finally masisilayan ko na ulit ang Pilipinas kong mahal, at makakasakay na ulit sa eroplano....

Di lingid sa inyo na hindi kami nung bata ako ang telepono, eroplano, corned beef na imported ay pang mayaman,,, hehehe,, ewan ko kasi nung nagkatelepono kami sa bahay tuwang tuwa ako, e kaya lang naman kami nagkatelepono nun sa bayan namin ay nagpromo ang GTS, basta sobrang mura nya na kahit sino pwedeng magpakabit ng linya ng telepono hindi katulad nung unang una na ilan lang, parang ngayon na lahat ay may cellphone na. 

Yung corned beef na imported masaya din ako pag nabibigyan kami dati, yung asawa kasi ng tyahin ko ay nag aabroad kaya pag may dala binibigyan din kami, tapos yung bestfriend ko naman na si Carmina basta may package yung lola nya ipinagtatabi nya ako nun, kaya hanggang ngayon favorite ko yun palagi ko binibili yung Libby's.

 At yung pagsakay naman ng eroplano pangarap ko din yan dati, kasi nanunang mag kinder yung mga pinsan ko sa akin tapos nag field trip sila di ko alam kung saan basta nakita ko yung picture nila sa eroplano tapos nung time ko na iba na yung pinuntahan kaya frustation ko yun dati, tapos pag may dumadaang eroplano talagang tinitingnan ko, kaya kahit ngayon everytime na sasakay ako sa eroplano ibang excitement pa din yung nararamdaman ko. Alam nyo ba na yung unang sakay ko ng eroplano ay papuntang Bacolod, dinalaw ko din si Mark dati, at yung unang international flight ko e nung papunta dito sa Singapore, Singapore Airlines yung sinakyan ko, libre lang yun ng unang company ko dito, dahil sa takot ako o ilang tinanggihan ko yung meal sa eroplano wahehehe, takot ata ako baka may bayad hihihi basta yun bloopers un, natatawa ako ngayon sa sarili ko siguro yung katabi ko pinagtatawanan ako o yung stewardes hehehe buti na lang mahigit 3 oras lang ang byahe, basta feeling ko nun katulad ng first time ko din kumain sa hotel  dahil may inattendan akong kasal ganun na ganun. 

7 days to go...HaPINAS na!!!

Dreams do come true, kaya keep on dreaming. Nothing is impossible with God, keep on believing and praying. God bless us all!!! =)