Saturday, March 7, 2009

My Wedding Gown

Before we start our wedding preparations I always visit her site and in an instant I am a big fan of her, I am very much amaze on how much love she puts on her craft. I never thought that she will be able to design my gown, a dream that I thought will never come to reality. Hindi ko alam kung saan ako kumuha ng lakas ng loob na iemail at mag inquire sa kanya August last year, I didn't get any reply from her maybe because I asked the price of one of her beautiful gowns in her site, after that I focused on other things like caterer and venue hunting, but from time to time I visit her site, basta pag andun ako sa site nya pigil ang tili ko, kinikilig ako while showing kay hubby yung mga gowns, basta palagi ang bukang bibig ko "Ang Ganda". I inquired again but this time kay Niko naman, I found already the acceptance na hindi ko talaga kaya magpagawa ng gown sa kanya, si Niko ang next option ko kasi sabi ko sa sarili ko Si NIKO yun parang VELUZ na din ako nun, but at that time busy na sila for their December weddings, Ms. Gercel told me that I can set an appointment with him pag uwi ko, but being an impatient of me I can't wait kasi po bata pa talaga ako gown na yung importante sa akin, I inquired to other designers but palagi akong may hesitation to pursue the transaction with them, gusto ko talaga si Ms. Veluz. Sis Escie advised me na kung gusto ko talaga sya I should get her na lang no worries pa, and very flexible din ang payment sa kanya unlike sa iba na required to give the 50% of the price, kung konti lang din ang difference ng quote from other designers dagdagan ko na lang para VELUZ na. I emailed her again together with my gown inspiration and konting explanation of what I like, she replied to me to wait for her sketch and sobrang busy sila dahil sa december, I really understand her, I know that December is the busiest month of the year, most couples prefer to get married on this month because the weather is good, most of our relatives abroad can easily come home because of the long holidays, etc.

February when I received an email from her saying that she is working on my sketch na and asking for my height, I can't explain the happiness I felt that time especially when I received the sketches. Everytime mag uusap kami na i starstruck pa din ako, she's very friendly, hindi intimidating ang bait bait nya kahit makulit ako and she gave me her 2008 rate since last year pa daw ako nag inquire, wow talaga.

I love her more kasi she let me decide on what to choose between my specific design I sent to her or her own design based on what she think that will look better on me. Medyo long read na sensya na po excited lang po, share ko po yung picture ng gown na pinadala ko sa kanya at yung sketch nya for me. Since gusto ko talaga ball gown, kaso masyadong magastos sa tela, e love ko din yung layered na skirt kaya my gown will be 3 layered skirt with inserted lace. Basta sobrang happy ako na Veluz bride na din ako.

1. First picture is the final sketch of my gown
2. Second picture is the design inspiration of the skirt
3. Third picture is for the upper design
Note: Ms. V sent me a sketch with a halter top but I opted to choose her own design which is the 1st picture. Sowee din po hindi ko maipost yung pictures ng maayos,,, hehehe.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Confession of a Shopaholic

One of the highlights of my visit here in Thailand is this movie, it will be shown in Singapore I think on March 28 pa sobrang delay na, I can't wait that long kaya I took the opportunity of watching it here. We really had fun, at first I thought that Mark won't enjoy it at pinagbibigyan lang ako but every scene talaga we were laughing out loud. I am not a shopaholic but I can relate whenever I see beautiful dresses, shoes and some kikay stuff, even make ups kahit di ako nag mamake up parang feeling ko lumulutang ako,, hehehe,,, may eyes were sparkling like Rebecca Bloomwood.

Monday, March 2, 2009

In my Hubby's arms again

Before Mark left for Thailand he booked my ticket already to lessen the pain of being away to each other, indeed it helped me because whenever I feel sad I count the days until my fllight schedule. And now I'm here na in Thailand, arrived last friday at around 8:30pm (Bangkok time), he gave me a big hug and a kiss. We checked in for 2 nights at Grand Diamond Hotel, it is very near from shopping malls. Yesterday, we went to his place na, he's staying in a studio type apartment around 2 hours from Bangkok. I like it here, I feel like I'm in the Philippines, they have tuktuk here a tricycle version in the Philippines, the people here are very friendly and soft spoken, sobrang lalambing nila magsalita parang mga taga Bacolod.
I supposed to leave tomorrow but Mark insisted to extend my stay here for another day, so we asked a friend to help us to rebook my ticket but we need rebooking fee of 111 sgd, and it is just for 1 day extension, that's how important the time for us. It's really hard to leave and think for another 1 month before I see him again, but we have to sacrifice a lot to save for our wedding and for our future.

PS: I received the sketches of my gown, I sooper love it, that's all I can say!