Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Happy 11th Anniversary!!!!

Today we are celebrating our 11 years together, time flies so fast parang kailan lang nung sinagot ko si Mark wahehehe. More than a decade of love, laughters and fun, and let's not forget the hardship, arguments, petty quarrels that we had to make this relationship last, we still have a lot of struggles to encounter but I know we can surpass anything as long as we are willing and choosing to love each other.

Love you Hon!!! Tenchu!!! Mwahugs!!!!

Monday, July 9, 2012


I learned that I am a kind of person that when I have problems, I am stressed and when things are not going the way I wanted, I build a wall na I don't want to get noticed, and that I let myself to heal muna and when I am ready and coping dun na ulit ako lalabas sa lungga ko.

So what I am doing during those times of healing and escaping to the world? I pray. I eat. I read.

Praying makes me feel relax and calm. When I pray I can let my emotions out without a fear of judgement. It is the time of learning about myself and everyone/everything around me. It gives me the good picture of REAL-ization, REAL amazing things that happened to me, na I should focus on that and not on the trials and negative feelings.
I thank God for reaching out, he always communicate with us, everytime we go to church naamaze kami na bigla yung message is about sa nangyayari sa amin. Like nung Sunday the message was about gratitude and hope.


Yung lahat ng binawas ko na timbang lahat yun na gain ko. Ewan ko ganun ako pag depress kain ng kain, kaya enough na ang drama drama at baka maging balyena na ako hehehe,,


I am loving the Slightly Seies of Wendy Markham, I love Tracey, the main character ng book, I am done with Slightly Single, Slightly Settled, now I am reading Slightly Married.
Natapos ko na din pala yung kay Sophie Kinsella na I've got your number, super kilig and super tawa ako nung part na nag paplay sila ng scrabble.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

I'm glad I am back!!! =)

Kumusta na kayo????
I miss blogging talaga. actually si hubby din, niremind nga nya ako nung Thursday night na hindi na ako nagboblog at ung last post ko ay nung May pa, kumusta naman July na ngayon,, hehehe,, nagbabasa pala si hubby ng blog ko hehehe.
Oh well, naging madrama ang buhay ko last month, hindi naman sobrang dramang drama kaya wala naman dapat ikabahala,  and I am back now to my own self, I am trying to  live as happy as I can be, everyday is struggling pa din especially when I am at home ( eto na ang drama, ang kinakatakutan ko dati nangyari na ako na lang ang hindi buntis sa mga friends ko sa house, ang laki ng problema ko noh hehehe, ok para maging fair naman at bago nyo ako ijudge  imagine nyo yung self nyo sa akin with 2 pretty pregnant friends at home, talking about babies and pregnancy, while me and my husband are struggling to have one).

God is great and faithful, I remember it was Saturday before father's day, my menstruation was delayed at sobrang delayed na nya na I was hoping and praying na pregnant ako, my plan was to test on Sunday para Father's day, but my friend who got pregnant first told me that our other housemate/friend is pregnant na din, tugudog tugudog ang sabi ng dibdib ko hahaha,, kaya that same day before our dinner nag test na ako at para kaming  pinagbagsakan ng langit at lupa when I saw that it was negative, sabi ko bakit namna yung dalaw ko ngayon pa nagmintis parang pinaglalaruan lang damdamin naming mag asawa. We tried to act normal during dinner time as we were all eating together, and the newly preggy housemate/friend was happy na may mga hint na sa mga words nya na she's pregnant na, me and my husband were just quiet the whole time. Then came Sunday, I feel very sorry for my husband, kasi lahat ng postings sa facebook is about Father's day, we were crying at church, I remember it was about Asoph, the message was actually relating to us, as in God was talking to us that time and comforting us. Then Monday came, and God gave us the answer to our question WHY? I felt sorry for asking God and I ask for his forgiveness for not trusting on him completely. Now I know why, and God is faithful to his promises to us.

Basta tuloy lang ang buhay, to those who have burdens God is always with us, He never leaves us in any minute of our lives.

Happy weekend everyone!!!! Smile!!! =)