Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Gift from Hubby

I hope you had a Christmas filled with joy and love and as the year ends may we all leave behind the not so happy memories of this year and let us welcome the new year with pure heart, peaceful mind and more love and understanding and may we all believe and hope for a brighter and happier new year.

This year I think is the busiest Christmas I had, we prepare for everything unlike in the Philippines where my parents or my grandparents are the one who will think about everything, now I realized I am already grown up. It was also fun even we are away from home, ako basta my family is happy I am happy. Since we are all busy, I didnt have much drama moments, konti lang hehehe,, that was when I tried to call my family and I chose to call my brother's cp since I know my Inay was busy, my brother was very madrama din like me, what I like about him is that he never ask for anything (material) even if its Christmas and normal yung hihingi ng pamasko but my brother and my parents are not that type, they are very simple and whatever I gave them they are very appreciative,, that's why I love them so much. My brother just greeted us Merry Christmas and he was thankful for us, and later on he sent a SMS saying that he wished we were with them for Noche Buena,, wahhh I cried.

I was not in the mood to work last week, I hate it that during holidays that's the time that my work was loaded, as in overtime ako everyday since the week before Christmas, I was exhausted na talaga. Then last Thursday I decided that I have to go off from work early to buy gifts for my monito which happened to be Mark and for my friends, I already told Mark that he was the one I picked for our monito/monita and told him I am going to buy him shoes, but in my mind I have a plan to buy other items for him, I had a feeling that Mark picked me as his monita because he never tell me who his monito was, as in one day he will tell my girl friend name then when I asked him the next day he will tell different name.
That night he wanted to go to MBS, so we went then later on he told to go inside LV store in Maison and ask me what I want, I really dont want to buy anything that is expensive but he insist, I really enjoyed asking prices and even if they are beautiful but for me it's too much if the price of the bag is more than 1k sgd. I just bought a shoes for him and checked other shops like gucci, coach and burberry but the prices were almost the same, I knew ffrom then that Mark was going to buy me a bag as christmas present, I told him I want a bag but not too expensive, he can buy me from coach and then we went home.
The next day Friday, I took a day off, Mark went to work, I sent remittance to my family and his family then I went out to buy him gifts, I have a budget and I will not buy single item for that budget, I want to buy few items for him and wrapped them altogether. He was very happy, here's my gift for him: Versace perfume (we both love versace), a samsonite bag, 2 Lacoste Poloshirts ( I had a great deal for this one 50% off for the 2nd item) and a Jordan shoes.
And here's what I got from hubby

I am a happy wife,, not only because of this bag but because I have a husband who always think of my happiness,  love is not about material things, but his willingness to spend this much just for a bag and the smile on his face when he handed me his present that made me feel that I am loved, we've been together for more that 10 years and he knew I am not a materialistic type of person, dumaan talaga ako sa walang wala and simple lang ang kaligayahan ko, may adobo nga lang sa bahay masaya na ako, wala na din sya dapat patunayan sa akin , he doesn't need to impress me that's why I can't think of any reason why he had to do this for me but LOVE.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

What?!!!! Only one more week and it's CHRISTMAS!!!! Last night we went out to buy gifts for our monito/monita,, and we just finished giving and receiving our gifts.
Let me share to you the Christmas tree in ION ORCHARD, I wish my work is just near the city area, only here you can feel the christmas spirit,,,

and here's a song to end this blog post.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Merry Christmas Darling

Happy Tuesday everyone! Less than 2 weeks before Christmas, im sure everyone is busy for christmas party and completing your shopping list.
I heard this song last night from Kris TV, Jed madela sang this song and I thought of dedicating this to those who are celebrating their Christmas away frim their loved ones like me.

Have a great day ahead!!! :)

Happy Birthday Majal!!!

Today is a very special day not only for my sister Majal but also for me, it's her birthday and I thank the Lord for this day, her existence in this world made my life extra wonderful and colorful.
I wish her good health and safety always, and lots of love, happiness and success and to be more inspired on doing what she loves to do. I love you majal! miss u so much!!!

This is one of our favorite songs during our MTS days...

Enjoy ur special day majal!!! I love u!!! mwah!!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Grown up Christmas List

Another night in front of my laptop, and I can't help to miss the Christmas at home. I want to hear again the children singing christmas carols at night, the malls full of christmas decors and filled with christmas songs, the many people buying gifts for their loved ones, I miss the busy divisoria, and most of all I miss my family =(
I really wish to be with them this Christmas, ;-(  im sure my inay misses me so much, she always say that basta kumpleto ang pamilya masaya na sya, no money can buy happiness, and hindi sya materialistic na tao. I wish I am like her, a very strong loving woman.

Forget my drama now and let's enjoy the remaining days till Christmas. Our menu for noche buena are all settled, we will serve Palabok, Paella, Carbonara, Menudo, Embutido, Leche Flan, Buko SAlad and Macaroni Salad. We invited our friends here to celebrate with us. So this year will somehow a happy Christmas even if we are away from HOME.

I will end this post with a Christmas song, Enjoy the night everyone! =)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Count your blessings instead of sheep

The other night while I was playing Sims on facebook, I thought of playing Christmas songs from my saved files, there was this song by Jose Mari Chan that touched my heart, the message of the song is really perfect for the season, that no matter what state of your life now dont focus on what is lacking but think of the wonderful blessings that we have in our lives from our Lord.
Eto pa yung nakakatawa, nung nakikinig na kami ng Christmas songs, sabi ni Mark "hon wag ka iiyak sa Pasko ha" palagi daw kasi ako umiiyak pag Christmas especially di kami uuwi ngayon, ewan ko ba I feel lonely lalo na pag tumutugtog na yung mga Christmas songs.

But with this song, it reminds me that Christmas is not about me, not about the christmas shopping list, not about the food we will serve on Noche Buena but it is about Thanksgiving that our Lord was born, it is all about sharing and giving of God's love.
So now I am sharing you this song and hope you will be moved by its message.

I also love this song of Gary V. everytime I hear this song I really appreciate my life and God's unconditional love to me.

SObrang iyakin ako, ewan ko ba many times I get affected by what I saw from movies and tv and also from the songs I heard. Last Friday, I took a day off from work, I was too stressed that week so i decided to take a rest, Mark also stayed with me, I saw a video from Coke and it really melted my heart, as in I was sobbing while I was watching this video, Mark was teasing me and he even imitate my crying.

I know how it's hard to be an OFW, to be away from family, from our comfort zone our home, i truly understand the real meaning of this saying that there's no place like HOME. I am super close to my family, that's why when it comes to my family I get really emotional. Sometimes I want to look back from the moment wherein everything is just plain and simple, we sleep together (my inay, ama, my brother and me) and even the lights were off we never run out of stories to tell until it was 3 am, and the only problem that time is the allowance I will bring to manila when I was in college, I miss those days. Now that I am working far away from home, and experience everything I never thought I will ever do and to have a little luxury, I am not complaining really, I am grateful. God loves me and my family. He is forever faithful on His promises to me. I am very fortunate becauseI am His daughter.

15 days to go and it's Christmas, hope you celebrate it with full of love and happiness with your family (or even physically away from your family). Remember the first line of the song, "when I worry and I can't sleep, I count my blessings instead of sheep"

Be merry and have a joyful Christmas!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Christmas in my Heart

We are not yet done on decorating our Christmas tree but I am excited to share it here. Christmas is just around the corner and I'm getting busier each day. A little sad because we will not get to celebrate Christmas with our family that's why I am doing whatever I can just to ease that sadness. As for today, I am planning for our menu for noche buena and media noche, I asked my N@w sisters and they have a lot of suggestions, now I am looking for a small chocolate fountain, i also want sana plates na Christmas yung theme, and I think macarons are perfect for media noche, it is round and sweet, but I want it to be set up like I saw from Bizu.
How about you, how's your planning for the holidays? : )

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kuishin Bo

We are now at our new house with our friends, we looooveee it here. This place is nearer to the mrt station, we haven't enjoy the amenities yet as we are still busy fixing our things.
Anyways, this was supposedly just after Mark's bday, but being a food lover I just can't ignore to post this.

Instead of cooking at home, we decided to treat our friends in Kuishin Bo, I was looking for a good buffet which is not too pricey, so i chose Kuishin Bo, at first we were hesitant because we haven't been there, hubby went there earlier just to check if the food is ok.
All in all, we love it there, the staff are all our kababayans, as we enter the restaurant the desserts welcomed us.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Champ weekend

At this moment I am sitting outside the comfort room where this mall placed a bench which serves as waiting area. I am waiting for Mark because my feet are aching, I wore for the first time the sandals which I bought on 50% off sale, as usual he is in toy section, we never miss to go to toy section here in Takashimaya whenever we are here.

Its pretty but Im sure I will use it very seldom or will not use it again, I still love my fitflop very comfy and durable.

Yesterday me, my husband and our friends jaz and vice went to MBS mall and our generous and loving husbands bought a Longchamp bag for us, jaz and i are very lucky wives. : )

Next month is uber busy month for us as we are going to move to a new house, i will still find time to blog for next month adventures, : )

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Teh Tarik

Honestly, last Monday was my first time to experience Teh Tarik even if it is very famous here in Singapore and even if I am here for more than 4 years.
After making my stomach full of delicious food, I finally try the Teh Tarik instead of the usual coffee.

I am proud because staffs in The Line are mostly Filipino, we are admired for our attitude at work and  good customer service, we are the best.

To My Man, Happy Birthday

It's my hubby's 30th birthday last Monday, I took a day off from work and spend it with the most special man in my life. It was just a simple celebration but full of laughters and we really enjoyed that day. I bought our breakfast in Mc Donalds and before we leave the house hubby cooked pancit its a tradition for us to cook pancit or spaghetti for long life, there was a cake also para long and sweet life.

My husband loves watch so I gifted him a watch. I already made a reservation for his birthday dinner in The Line Shangri-la Hotel. This beautiful flower arrangement welcomed us as we arrived in the lobby.

As expected we really enjoyed the night, the food, and I am happy that my husband is very easy to please. Many will say that we are not getting any younger and at this time we should have a baby for us to be happy. I pray, we actually praying for that wonderful blessings from God, but who we are to question His plans for us, everything in our life now is great, we are happy and if others think that we are not, I'll show you how me and my husband enjoying our life.
It doesn't mean I don't want a baby, I do, I really do, there was a time I cried because of frustration and pressure to have one, but now, I have this faith and trust to the Lord that in His time He will give us children for us to love and take care of.

Here is my birthday message to my hubby in Facebook:

Zigrid Lotus Laygo-Bunyi Thank GOD it's Your Birthday!!! Happy birthday hon, you've been spending 10 birthdays with me (musta naman hehehe) seriously I am very happy for choosing me to be your constant date on your birthday since then and for the coming happy years. I love you so much hon, and swerte ka kasi ako ang napangasawa mo, (sabay kindat) hehehe!! Mwah!!! Mwah!!! Mwah!!! — withMark Anthony Bunyi.

One thing I love with my husband is he always appreciate me, everyday ito ha hindi oa yan he always say ang
swerte swerte ko kasi ikaw ang asawa ko sometimes he will call me just to say that or on our way home from work or at night before we sleep, I am not a perfect wife, I am not the type na masilbi sa asawa but my 
presence is enough for him, and I am really thankful for that, thinking of that, parang mas maswerte ata ako ah. 

I love you Hon, Im looking forward to create more wonderful years with you!!! Love you mwah mwah mwah!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ang calcu

Most of the time the things that are just there for us are the ones we take for granted.
For those who have the same work as I do, it's always a must for me, i need it everyday and really a great help for me, Ive been using it since high school and up to now we have a good relationship, whatever problems we encounter, we solve it as a team. Thank you for always there to help, for never giving up especially when i messed up, most importantly I graduated with your help and up to now you are there for me to earn money.
Salamat at naimbento ka Ang Calcu bow!!! Hehehe,

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Goodbye September, Hello October

September was a great month for me, aside from it is my birthday month, my work last month is very light means not so much pressure on me. I enjoyed staying at home as we are now together with my college friends, everything is ok at home, we have the same wave length that's why we understand each other and we really adjusted well unlike before that me and my husband preferred to stay outside than home.

I am also looking forward that this month will also be ok for us, Mark is turning 30 on October 24, I still dont know what to give him on his birthday, he always say that being together is more than enough for him, but I still have to make his day extra special =)

Our house hunting is over, we found the perfect place for us to stay, we are just waiting for the signed documents then we can move in on November. The rental price here in Singapore is very high now, that's why we signed a 2 year contract for the new one, to ensure that we will not be affected for any rental increase.

Thank God, all is well!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Before Ever After by Samantha Sotto

Today is really a happy Sunday for me!!!

Last month I sent an email to Ms. Samantha Sotto to ask her if there is a plan for her to visit Singapore, to my surprise she really replied to my email, being a fan I am so kilig when I received an email from her. 
When she confirmed the date through her facebook fan page I told my husband that I can't miss the opportunity to meet her and to give my support, as a Filipino I am really proud of her. 

She is very pretty and very nice to everyone. She even hugged me!!! 

Thank you so much Ms. Samantha Sotto for sharing your talent through your book. You are such an inspiration to everyone! I can't wait for your second book but for now I will start to flip the pages of your book Before Ever After.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy Yippee Birthday

Weeks before my birthday I was very scared that I may not able to spend it with my hubby, and my only birthday wish was to be home on my birthday. I worked hard, worked long hours just to be home on schedule, Thank God my wish was granted, I'm home 4 days before my birthday.

I love my birthday just as much as I love Christmas, both are same about life, love and celebrations and thanksgiving, and I appreciate my family, my husband, my relatives and friends even more.

Sa aking Inay, maraming maraming salamat po sa pagsilang nyo sa akin, sa lahat ng sakripisyo nyo sa akin ng Ama, lahat po kung ano ako ngayon ay dahil sa inyo. Sa aking kapatid maraming salamat dahil sayo naging ate ako. Mahal na mahal ko kau.

Sa aking butihing kabiyak, maraming salamat sa lahat lahat ng pagmamahal, isa na lang yung wish ko para sa ating dalawa sana magkaanak na tayo,, hehehe,, mahal na mahal kita hon,, birthday mo na din next month,, isipin mo noh, mahigit 1 month na ako bago ka palang isinilang, tapos ikaw pala makakatuluyan ko,, =)
Salamat sa regalo hehhee,, inaasahan ko talaga na meron kasi meron naman palagi,, sana di ka magbago hehehe,, next year ulit ha,, love u,, mwah,, mwah,, mwah!!!


I admitted the fact that I am not artistic and creative, I love arts and I know how to appreciate the beauty of arts. Nowadays a lot of people I know and everywhere I go have DSLR camera, which price of the camera and different lenses were already a fortune for me. When I was a kid we dont have camera, we had one but I think that one was a disposable camera which was just a gift from my aunt, for especial occasions like bdays, christmas we just borrowed from my grandparents which was hidden in my mamay's baul.
Anyways, I just want to share with you the photo I took, i used the instagram application:

                    Para sa akin ang ganda ganda ng picture na to, di na kailangan ang DSLR hehehe,, =)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Crazy Stupid LOVE

Well,, Im finally back,, I went to a place where facebook, youtube and blogger is non existing (which always includes in my daily life here in SG). It was a 24 days of being away to my husband and all those days were all about work, I only went to mall nearby the hotel I was checked in. It was really a struggle for me to be away to my comfort zone, comfort food and being a total stranger in a place wherein I cant speak and understand any single word.
I checked out in the hotel at 5:00 pm on Sept 2, and reached Changi Airport at 5:00 am on Sept 3. My husband was there to fetched me and he even prepared my requested food "afritada" , I was happy also that my friends from college were already moved in and now we are altogether sharing the same house.
After some eating and chit chat, my husband and I went out to watch Crazy Stupid Love, I was got curious because it was trending in N@W. It was really nice movie,, it was light comedy romance, and even it was light romance I still cried, its like it really happening to any couple who'd been very familiar with each other. My husband and I been married for 4 years and we've been together for 10 years in total, and we admit that there were times that there were phases in our relationship when we felt that we were just complacent that we are just there, there were dull moments also but I am happy that we were able to worked things out and we were always get back to the right path of our marriage.

After watching the movie, my husband kept saying that we were soulmates, and that anyone should work hard to be with their soulmate just like what he did to his soulmate, now we are happily together, growing and enjoying with each other.  =)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fun Run/Walk

Last month despite of being busy with work, we participated the Trifactor Run which was held last month, we joined the 5Km Fun Run with our friends Jaz and Vice, it was really fun and catching up with them.
I am actually big, my weight is an old issue already, its really hard to lose weight, especially now that I ate rice everyday, and having cinnamon melts from mcdo as my dessert made me bigger and bigger. I know its not impossible to have my desired body weight as many of the participants who joined the fun run were really physically fit and healthy,, I really salute them and how I wish I have the same determination and courage as them.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Love, Wisdom and Femininity

When I saw these dolls in Takashimaya it was love at first sight. Each doll symbolizes different aspects in our lives. For my first collection I chose Ami which symbolizes Love, Ai for Femininity and Hideka for Wisdom.

My birthday is coming in 3 months and if you are thinking of a nice gift for my birthday please consider these cutie dolls =).

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Never My Love -

I just want to share with you this song, it is my current favorite, if I heard this song before my wedding I will choose it as one of the songs to be played in the ceremony.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

My yesterday =)

I had a wonderful time yesterday with Hubby,  I got free movie tickets for X-Men First Class and Kung Fu Panda 2 courtesy of our company. It was really fun seeing my co workers having wonderful time with their family. I can say now that I am happy in terms of my career eventhough I do overtime everyday and I am physically and mentally tired but I am emotionally happy. I am inspired to work everyday. I never felt this kind of feeling on my previous company basta before kasi everytime I woke up I dont feel like going to work. Everything is going smoothly, my prayers were answered and I thank God for pouring all the blessings on me, I've prayed this for long and God said to wait, I've waited and now I am happy and grateful.

Disneyland Adventure

Finally, I was able to fulfill my wish to go to Disneyland and was able to meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse in person. This phrase welcomed us at the entrance:

                                                                 Here you leave today
                                                                 and enter the world of
                                                    yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy

Sobrang happy ang feeling especially when we enter the "It's a Small World" ang gaganda ng mga manika and may tagalog version pa ng song na kinanta ni Nikki Gil, I'm so proud.

At lalo naman akong napaiyak nung nanood kami ng show ni Mickey at Minnie, basta ewan ko naging emotional ako lalo nung kinakanta ung song ng Beauty and the Beast at hindi pa dun natapos sobrang ganda din ng fireworks nila, hindi ko pa lang naeedit yung video, sana maedit ko ng maupload ko din d2.