Sunday, November 21, 2010

No. 1 on my Wish List for 2011

Last Nov. 8, i received an early Christmas present from hubby, and I am happy to be able to crossed it out on my wish list for 2011.
I was just joking to Mark about it, di ko alam totohanin pala nya hehhee, he fetched me from work and headed to Takashimaya to get my present. If others will wish for gadgets that after a few months will be phased out because new models will be released, I wished for something that will last for years.
When he was holding the paper bag, and I can't hide my kilig, happiness about it, Mark said, "akala nyo lang mga babae na kayo lang ang masaya pag binibigyan kau ng bulaklak o regalo ng mga suitors, bf or hubby, pero hindi nyo alam na mas masaya kaming mga lalaki sa inyo, kasi nakikita namin kung gaano namin kayo napapasaya."