Sunday, June 8, 2014

Absent today :)

Hi ladies :) 

how's your weekend? 

My body is still aching especially my butt and my thighs, it's very painful to sit down or everytime I will pick up something from the floor. I enjoyed my time in the gym for 2 days, was planning to go today but my husband asked me to stay at home with him but I will be back to the gym tomorrow while my husband is out for cycling. :)

He is very happy and supportive on my #balikalindogprogram and his way of showing his support to me is by coming home with these shirts, and take note lakas ng tiwala ng asawa ko sa akin biruin nyo XS ang biniling size good thing stretch sya kaya kumasya hehehe,, inisip daw nya kasi kung di kasya papayat naman daw ako kaya maiisuot ko din. Hindi kasi talaga ako sporty kaya wala din akong gaanong damit na ganyan, i really appreciate that he is aware of the littlest things that I need :) 

Eto medyo uso dito I'm wondering why it's too pricey, I will test it tomorrow bakit nga ba ang mahal nito. 

my compression tights.

We had a group buy on groupon, nakikiuso lang...monopod for selfies :)

And my first ever sport award :) 

good night everyone! enjoy your Sunday! God bless us. :)

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Balik Alindog Program

Hi Ladies,

how are you doing? I'm doing great except that we don't have internet connection at home, there's something wong with the router and the internet provider said they will come to fix it in 3 days wahhhh! 
I was busy last week cooking for some guests from thursday to saturday :) medyo naeenhance na ang cooking skills ko :)

Yesterday, I went out to do some errands and found myself in the vicinity of Elixia (a fitness center), few months back I was thinking hard if I will get a membership but the "kuripot me" told myself that it is best to save the money, that I can lose weight by following those videos in youtube, but it didn't work for me, because when I am at home, most of my time is spent with my ipad :( There were times din that I get bored at home and feeling unproductive, and I don't want to feel that way, so my husband strongly encouraged me to visit Elixia and get a membership.Luckily I went, because they are having a promotion now which they will waive the first 3 months fee,, oh happiness!!! I know medyo paulit ulit na ang pagpapayat ko, but now it is not really about for #balikalindogprogram but I want to spend some of my time outside our home nagets nyo ba ako,,, they have zumba classes oh how I love to dance bonus na lang if papayat ako at sesexy :)

Summer na... usong uso na ulit ang fishing, my husband got his first catch last sunday for this season yey,,, libre ulam na naman kami, kaya eto ang dinner namin tonight! baked cod,,, yum yum and healthy!!! 

how about you, how's the week so far? 

need to say goodbye muna :)