Sunday, October 30, 2011

Champ weekend

At this moment I am sitting outside the comfort room where this mall placed a bench which serves as waiting area. I am waiting for Mark because my feet are aching, I wore for the first time the sandals which I bought on 50% off sale, as usual he is in toy section, we never miss to go to toy section here in Takashimaya whenever we are here.

Its pretty but Im sure I will use it very seldom or will not use it again, I still love my fitflop very comfy and durable.

Yesterday me, my husband and our friends jaz and vice went to MBS mall and our generous and loving husbands bought a Longchamp bag for us, jaz and i are very lucky wives. : )

Next month is uber busy month for us as we are going to move to a new house, i will still find time to blog for next month adventures, : )

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Teh Tarik

Honestly, last Monday was my first time to experience Teh Tarik even if it is very famous here in Singapore and even if I am here for more than 4 years.
After making my stomach full of delicious food, I finally try the Teh Tarik instead of the usual coffee.

I am proud because staffs in The Line are mostly Filipino, we are admired for our attitude at work and  good customer service, we are the best.

To My Man, Happy Birthday

It's my hubby's 30th birthday last Monday, I took a day off from work and spend it with the most special man in my life. It was just a simple celebration but full of laughters and we really enjoyed that day. I bought our breakfast in Mc Donalds and before we leave the house hubby cooked pancit its a tradition for us to cook pancit or spaghetti for long life, there was a cake also para long and sweet life.

My husband loves watch so I gifted him a watch. I already made a reservation for his birthday dinner in The Line Shangri-la Hotel. This beautiful flower arrangement welcomed us as we arrived in the lobby.

As expected we really enjoyed the night, the food, and I am happy that my husband is very easy to please. Many will say that we are not getting any younger and at this time we should have a baby for us to be happy. I pray, we actually praying for that wonderful blessings from God, but who we are to question His plans for us, everything in our life now is great, we are happy and if others think that we are not, I'll show you how me and my husband enjoying our life.
It doesn't mean I don't want a baby, I do, I really do, there was a time I cried because of frustration and pressure to have one, but now, I have this faith and trust to the Lord that in His time He will give us children for us to love and take care of.

Here is my birthday message to my hubby in Facebook:

Zigrid Lotus Laygo-Bunyi Thank GOD it's Your Birthday!!! Happy birthday hon, you've been spending 10 birthdays with me (musta naman hehehe) seriously I am very happy for choosing me to be your constant date on your birthday since then and for the coming happy years. I love you so much hon, and swerte ka kasi ako ang napangasawa mo, (sabay kindat) hehehe!! Mwah!!! Mwah!!! Mwah!!! — withMark Anthony Bunyi.

One thing I love with my husband is he always appreciate me, everyday ito ha hindi oa yan he always say ang
swerte swerte ko kasi ikaw ang asawa ko sometimes he will call me just to say that or on our way home from work or at night before we sleep, I am not a perfect wife, I am not the type na masilbi sa asawa but my 
presence is enough for him, and I am really thankful for that, thinking of that, parang mas maswerte ata ako ah. 

I love you Hon, Im looking forward to create more wonderful years with you!!! Love you mwah mwah mwah!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ang calcu

Most of the time the things that are just there for us are the ones we take for granted.
For those who have the same work as I do, it's always a must for me, i need it everyday and really a great help for me, Ive been using it since high school and up to now we have a good relationship, whatever problems we encounter, we solve it as a team. Thank you for always there to help, for never giving up especially when i messed up, most importantly I graduated with your help and up to now you are there for me to earn money.
Salamat at naimbento ka Ang Calcu bow!!! Hehehe,

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Goodbye September, Hello October

September was a great month for me, aside from it is my birthday month, my work last month is very light means not so much pressure on me. I enjoyed staying at home as we are now together with my college friends, everything is ok at home, we have the same wave length that's why we understand each other and we really adjusted well unlike before that me and my husband preferred to stay outside than home.

I am also looking forward that this month will also be ok for us, Mark is turning 30 on October 24, I still dont know what to give him on his birthday, he always say that being together is more than enough for him, but I still have to make his day extra special =)

Our house hunting is over, we found the perfect place for us to stay, we are just waiting for the signed documents then we can move in on November. The rental price here in Singapore is very high now, that's why we signed a 2 year contract for the new one, to ensure that we will not be affected for any rental increase.

Thank God, all is well!!!