Sunday, December 6, 2009

My 6 days at HOME

The picture above was made by my brother in law Anjo, it wasn't done yet but I am happy with the outcome. Thanks anjo. hope you will not get tired of our kakulitan,, hehehe.

I am done with my first fitting of my gown, all praises to my designer Ms. V, it was only a lining but it really fits well, I really felt I am like a princess,, too bad i wasn't able to take a picture, I was starstrucked kasi with her. My next fitting will be on January 29, we already booked our ticket for that, I will not let it pass na, will post photos of it here.

My 6 days vacation last week is tiring but I felt a lot of happiness, had a great time with my family especially my mom whom I missed most, everyday of it was about wedding preps, had food tasting with our caterer, I am just a little bit disappointed because I was looking for that wow factor taste, but I just find it plain and ordinary, but there's no turning back, we already paid for reservation before even if we haven't tasted their foods I took a risk here I just relied from what I read about them, after the food tasting I want to let go of our reservation with them but I dont have much time to find for replacement so we just settled and paid the downpayment. Maybe I will just ask for another food tasting for Mark in January and we'll just make suggestions on how to improve the menu.

We also went to our reception, there's a wedding that time, I can't describe the feeling, it was my first time to see the place and I find it perfect, I knew I made a right choice to this one.

I am now planning our itinerary for our 4 days vacation in January, i know it will be a lot easier because Mark is coming with me.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


I enjoy reading blogs, I always go to Dapne's Diary, she writes really well that I can't describe how really good she is, I learned a lot from her and her opinions and choices influenced me, I instantly became a fan. I also check Topaz horizon and Chuvaness, I learned about their blogs through Daphne also.
I am really grateful to them because I get updated on current events and fashion etc. I was able to change the layout of my blog because I just finished reading Topaz Horizon's blog about SHABBY BLOGS wherein you can find a lot of stylish backgrounds, headers and buttons.
Try to visit this site , you will surely love their designs.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

I heart Juicy Couture

It started when we went to Sephora to buy perfume for Mark, then the sales lady asked me to try Viva La Juicy, I was hesitant coz I am not familiar with it, she told me it's their no. 1 best selling perfume, and indeed it smells heavenly sweet. Last Thursday we accidentally saw Juicy Couture shop in Takashimaya, all the items are exquisite beautiful. Now I am thinking that my next purchase for myself will be Juicy couture watch,, yayyyy!!!

I saw these from their website, wishing any of these will be mine.

You can view all their items here

Thursday, October 29, 2009


I was eyeing to buy a digital camera for quite long na, but I never see it as necessity since hubby has his Nikon DSLR but I find it very bulky and heavy everytime we go out, then there was a time that I went for a business trip and I dont have a choice but to use our old camera we purchased 5 years ago from a friend in Japan. And now that I'm going for a 5 days vacation in the Philippines ( actually it is not a vacation but I will settle important things for the wedding) my hubby bought me this...

Isn't it so cute and classy?

Thank you hon,,, love u. mwah!!!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Wedding

Im currently reading this book, im done with the first few pages, had to stop to blog. hehehe.
I was at the bookstore looking for something to read when I saw this book of Nicholas Sparks, and bought it right away. My wedding preps is stagnant now funny but I still try to do things related to weddings, even if it's not about great ideas for the wedding day like centerpieces, decors, accessories, but this book will help me to have a happy LIFE with my hubby after the WEDDING.
Mark just got back from thailand and he's here for good na, by the way, we bought matching shirts or love shirts in thailand, post ko sya medyo tamad pa me picturan actually hindi ko pa nailalabas sa maleta ko, 2 week na me nakabalik hehehe,, im thinking of using it for our prenup shoot.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Summer in Thailand

naku it's been long since my last post, hehehe,, actually nagsulat na me ng entry before nasa thailand pa lang me kaya lang hindi ko nasave bigla nawala post ko hahaha,, kainis.

share ko lang pics nung last visit ko sa thailand. Up to now i can't believe myself na nakapagsuot ako ng ganun at pinayagan ako ni hubby,, hehhee,, sobrang tagal ko na atang hindi nakapunta ng beach kaya sobrang happy ako talaga. un lang nagkarashes ako sa mukha after at nangitim ako sobra, hanggang ngayon di pa bumabalik ung kulay ko, maitim na nga lalo pa nangitim hehehe,,,

Saturday, March 7, 2009

My Wedding Gown

Before we start our wedding preparations I always visit her site and in an instant I am a big fan of her, I am very much amaze on how much love she puts on her craft. I never thought that she will be able to design my gown, a dream that I thought will never come to reality. Hindi ko alam kung saan ako kumuha ng lakas ng loob na iemail at mag inquire sa kanya August last year, I didn't get any reply from her maybe because I asked the price of one of her beautiful gowns in her site, after that I focused on other things like caterer and venue hunting, but from time to time I visit her site, basta pag andun ako sa site nya pigil ang tili ko, kinikilig ako while showing kay hubby yung mga gowns, basta palagi ang bukang bibig ko "Ang Ganda". I inquired again but this time kay Niko naman, I found already the acceptance na hindi ko talaga kaya magpagawa ng gown sa kanya, si Niko ang next option ko kasi sabi ko sa sarili ko Si NIKO yun parang VELUZ na din ako nun, but at that time busy na sila for their December weddings, Ms. Gercel told me that I can set an appointment with him pag uwi ko, but being an impatient of me I can't wait kasi po bata pa talaga ako gown na yung importante sa akin, I inquired to other designers but palagi akong may hesitation to pursue the transaction with them, gusto ko talaga si Ms. Veluz. Sis Escie advised me na kung gusto ko talaga sya I should get her na lang no worries pa, and very flexible din ang payment sa kanya unlike sa iba na required to give the 50% of the price, kung konti lang din ang difference ng quote from other designers dagdagan ko na lang para VELUZ na. I emailed her again together with my gown inspiration and konting explanation of what I like, she replied to me to wait for her sketch and sobrang busy sila dahil sa december, I really understand her, I know that December is the busiest month of the year, most couples prefer to get married on this month because the weather is good, most of our relatives abroad can easily come home because of the long holidays, etc.

February when I received an email from her saying that she is working on my sketch na and asking for my height, I can't explain the happiness I felt that time especially when I received the sketches. Everytime mag uusap kami na i starstruck pa din ako, she's very friendly, hindi intimidating ang bait bait nya kahit makulit ako and she gave me her 2008 rate since last year pa daw ako nag inquire, wow talaga.

I love her more kasi she let me decide on what to choose between my specific design I sent to her or her own design based on what she think that will look better on me. Medyo long read na sensya na po excited lang po, share ko po yung picture ng gown na pinadala ko sa kanya at yung sketch nya for me. Since gusto ko talaga ball gown, kaso masyadong magastos sa tela, e love ko din yung layered na skirt kaya my gown will be 3 layered skirt with inserted lace. Basta sobrang happy ako na Veluz bride na din ako.

1. First picture is the final sketch of my gown
2. Second picture is the design inspiration of the skirt
3. Third picture is for the upper design
Note: Ms. V sent me a sketch with a halter top but I opted to choose her own design which is the 1st picture. Sowee din po hindi ko maipost yung pictures ng maayos,,, hehehe.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Confession of a Shopaholic

One of the highlights of my visit here in Thailand is this movie, it will be shown in Singapore I think on March 28 pa sobrang delay na, I can't wait that long kaya I took the opportunity of watching it here. We really had fun, at first I thought that Mark won't enjoy it at pinagbibigyan lang ako but every scene talaga we were laughing out loud. I am not a shopaholic but I can relate whenever I see beautiful dresses, shoes and some kikay stuff, even make ups kahit di ako nag mamake up parang feeling ko lumulutang ako,, hehehe,,, may eyes were sparkling like Rebecca Bloomwood.

Monday, March 2, 2009

In my Hubby's arms again

Before Mark left for Thailand he booked my ticket already to lessen the pain of being away to each other, indeed it helped me because whenever I feel sad I count the days until my fllight schedule. And now I'm here na in Thailand, arrived last friday at around 8:30pm (Bangkok time), he gave me a big hug and a kiss. We checked in for 2 nights at Grand Diamond Hotel, it is very near from shopping malls. Yesterday, we went to his place na, he's staying in a studio type apartment around 2 hours from Bangkok. I like it here, I feel like I'm in the Philippines, they have tuktuk here a tricycle version in the Philippines, the people here are very friendly and soft spoken, sobrang lalambing nila magsalita parang mga taga Bacolod.
I supposed to leave tomorrow but Mark insisted to extend my stay here for another day, so we asked a friend to help us to rebook my ticket but we need rebooking fee of 111 sgd, and it is just for 1 day extension, that's how important the time for us. It's really hard to leave and think for another 1 month before I see him again, but we have to sacrifice a lot to save for our wedding and for our future.

PS: I received the sketches of my gown, I sooper love it, that's all I can say!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Our Love Story

our love story
May 17, '08 2:06 PMfor everyone

We were in the same university taking up same course, same section, that's how destiny brought us together. We have different set of friends during our first year kaya naman nobody will think na magiging kami, yung close friend ko pa ung attracted sa kanya.We became friends during the last sem in our second year pero di ko akalain na attracted na pala sya sa akin,, hehehe,,,I remember him making kwento of other girls of his interest and ako naman I advice him on how to earn "pogi points" not knowing na he is trying to get my attention pala,(manhid me,,, hehehe,,,di pa ubra diskarte nya) hahaha! One time parehas kami late sa klase, we ended seating together at the back, medyo boring kase yung klase at hindi pa namin major subject, meron akong pinasagutan sa kanya, siguro pamilyar kau dito medyo corny nga lang hehehe, he needs to answer these yung mga fav no,fav color,name 3 special opposite sex, fav songs, etc and after nya masagot that's the time he will know the meaning of his answers, and nung sa part na ng sa girls sabi ko sino lalagay then he said "lagay mo ikaw, ay sabi ko ayoko, make it serious naman, but he really insists at sya na yung nagsulat ng name ko, may meaning kasi yung spot ng mga nilalagay na name, and yung meaning ng name ko dun sa particular spot na yun ay "LOVE OF YOUR LIFE",,, hahaha!!! During that time ang alam ko talaga he is just joking, as days passed we became close friends especially nung time na maysakit si mazhe, he made me feel that I am not alone, sya yung sumasama sa akin pag dumadalaw kay mazhe. Since medyo malayo bahay ni mazhe and masyado naapektuhan yung health nya she decided to stay near the school, the 3 of us were very close that time kaya kami yung kasama nya nung need nya kunin yung mga gamit nya sa bahay nila, and you know what mazhe's dad thought that we were lovers ni mark, hehehe,,,honestly that time manhid yata talaga ako,,, hehehe,,, I didn't know that he has feelings na pala for me,,, hehehe,,
We enjoyed each other company, naging close yung buong klase namin, umaattend kami ng bible study with pastor bong and ma'am luisa, di ko alam si mark pala nagcoconfess pala ng feelings nya for me kay pastor bong and kinakausap naman ako ni pastor bong asking me what if someone is admiring me blah blah blah,,,pero di nya sinasabi kung sino, wala talaga ako alam i thought it's just a part of his being our counselor. Dumating yung birthday ko, kumain kami sa jollibee with mark and 2 of our other guy friends binigyan nila ako ng baloons, hehehe, afte naming kumain I need to go back sa school kasi may meeting/rehearsal kami sa dance troupe, hinatid nya ako at nagulat ako kasi he handed me something sinulat nya yung excerpt ng LITTLE PRINCE, I am very touched, sa isip ko ang bait nya at ang sweet, pero talagang mabait naman talaga sya kaya hindi pa rin ako nag isip ng kahit na ano. Simula noon I considered him as one of my real friends, nag oopen na ako sa kanya about my family, my heartaches, my favorites, my weakness,yung kasaman ng ugali ko hehehe, basta yung mga kadaldalan ko ever,hehehe. Minsan makareceived ako ng text from him nakalagay dun "I QUIT", I talked to him agad and I asked him what does it mean, and yet he denied na tinext nya ako, (ewan ko cguro natorpe ata) pero he's courting na pala and im not aware of his feelings, medyo nagalit ako kasi I felt I was betrayed kasi nung nareceived ko yung text nya dun ako napaisip kung may iba pa syang intention, ayoko din kasi nung friend ko tapos manliligaw kasi I'm afraid na mawala yung friendship. inignore ko lang kasi di pa naman sya nagtatapat ayoko mag assume noh,,, hehehe,,, naging friends pa din kami, sumasabay sya sa akin pag uwi ang dahilan nya taga TONDO sya kaya sa tayuman sya sasakay at yung dorm ko ay nasa MORAYTA at dun daw sya sasakay papuntang tayuman, pero pwede pala sya sumakay from our school,,,(hmmm???) One time pasakay na kami ng jeep sa tapat ng luneta sabi nya kung nagmamadali daw ba akong umuwi pwede daw kwentuhan muna kami, sabi ko sige ok lang ala naman ako gagawin sa dorm, tapos napansin ko ako lang yung kwento ng kwento at sya tahimik lang, enjoy na enjoy sa mga kwento ko. HAbang naguusap kami may kababayan ako na nakakita sa amin, nung umuwi ako ng province kwento me ng kwento sa inay ko bout nangyari sa akin the whole week, about my friends, then yun sabi nya na nakasalubong daw nila ng ama ko yung nakakita sa amin ni mark, and sinabi na nakita nga daw ako may kasamang guy, ninerbyos mom ko kasi istrikto ang ama ko kaya inunahan nya yung guy sabi nya friend ko yun, pero sinabi nang inay ko kinabahan daw sya, sabi ko sa inay bkt sya kakabahan kaibigan ko lang si mark and hindi naman nanliligaw, basta sabi lang nya ewan ko ga kung bakit ako kinakabahan, i just ignore her i thought its just normal for she is my mom, pero naisip ko dami ko guy friends o suitors na kinukwento pero yung kay mark lang sya kinabahan e dat time di pa nagtatapat si mark.
Naging complicated lahat ng sinabi na sa akin ni mark yung feelings nya, medyo nailang na ako kaya hindi na ako nagpapahatid sa kanya, umiwas na ako sa kanya but he keeps on sending me letters, texts or bigla ko na lang sya makikita sa dorm. Naging persistent sya, siguro dahil sa mga kwento ko alam nya kung paano ako maghandle ng suitors, alam nya masama ugali ko sa mga manliligaw ko, kung pwede iwasan ko iiwasan ko talaga, gusto ko yung may effort, kung pwede mahirapan papahirapan ko, alam nya na ayoko tatanungin ako kung "pwedeng manligaw" hayyy, kaya sabi ko sarili ko dahil kilala nya na ako pagdating sa ligawan, ayoko talaga kaya halos maguusap kami binabasted ko sya (pero sa lahat naman ng suitors ko ganun talaga ako) naku mahabang kwento pa ito, to make it short July 14 2001, 4th year kami we were texting and I dont know what happened dun ko na sinabi ung "YES" he was going to mindoro that time kasi debut ni erma.

I told him na kami na PERO (may kasamang kundisyon)
1. Hindi sya lalapit sa akin sa school.
2.Ako ang magsasabi sa barkada namin.
3. Di pa sya pwede pumunta sa bahay kasi strict ama ko.
4. No kissing, hold hands lang kami.

Nag agree naman sya, pero tuliro pa din ako kasi naman 1st bf ko sya, I dont know what to do.
JULY 17, kinakabahan ako kasi yun yung first time na magkikita kami after ko syang sinagot, buong araw ko syang iniwasan, pero habang natatapos yung araw kinakabahan ako kasi alam ko na kailangan kong makauwi ng di nya namamalayan. Last subject namin soil mechanics 7:30 ung tapos ng klase namin, ang bilis ng lakad ko pauwi bigla may tumatakbo na humahabol sa akin, c mark na ihahatid daw nya ako, grabe ha, kakaiba ako that day kasi may panyo akong dala hehehe, hindi ako nagpapanyo kasi. palagi nakatakip yung panyo sa mukha ko kasi naiilang talaga ako,,, hehehe,,, nag usap kami gusto nya yung araw na yun yung official date namin ayaw daw nya yung sa cp lang.
After two days, JULY 19 malakas ang ulan, hinatid nya me kaso bahang baha ang espana naghanap kami ng madadaanan yung time na yun kahit stranded na lahat madami estudyante, worried na ako kasi may curfew ako, ito yung first time naming maghold hands, hehehe (enjoy na enjoy c mark) tapos binuhat pa nya ako para itawid sa baha.
August 17, 2001, first monthsary namin, eto na naman ako di ko alam gagawin ko, hehehe,,, after ng klase namin tumakas na naman ako, niyaya ko si jaz manood ng sine MOULIN ROUGE nag enjoy naman kami, hinahanap na pala ako ni mark, tapos may nakabanggit ata na nanood kami ng sine kaya nagulat ako paglabas namin ng sinehan andun si mark naghihintay sa amin, (bad ko talaga). He's so mabait talaga at ang swerte ko kasi mahal na mahal nya ako. Eventually nasanay na din ako, since that time madami akong fears, expectations, may pagkachildish ako, pasaway palagi, away bati kami and it's just normal for two individuals na nasa isang commitment na magkaroon ng arguments because we raised in different way. First bf ko sya at first gf nya ako kaya nahirapan din kami mag adjust, nahirapan na masaya. What I really love about him is that he is very true and resposible, he knows what he wants and he knows what will make him happy. Sa akin umikot ang mundo nya at ako din naman sa kanya. Pag ihahatid nya na ako sa dorm, ang di ko makakalimutan sinasabi nya palagi ay "pagkatapos ng araw, pagkatapos gawin lahat ng dapat gawin sa isang araw, pagkatapos makasama mga kaibigan, sa huli kami lang ang magkasama".
Now mag seseven years na kami as BF-GF, at isang taon na kaming kasal ngayon. He asked me to marry him after nyang makuha yung IPA nya, it means in a month need nya na umalis for singapore to work, he asked me kung okay lang simpleng kasal lang muna and after nya makaipon he will marry me again, ayaw daw nya umalis hanggat di pa kami kasal, I said "YES", four days before ng flight nya ikinasal kami. After 1 1/2 months andito na din ako sa singapore with my hubby. We are starting now in planning the wedding, we are scouting for the venue and other details, mahaba pa naman ang oras namin, we still have 1 1/2 years to plan for our BIG DAY hehehe...

Happy Meal...

I want to write since last night but I cant think of anything to write about the wedding and I decided to wait until I get the sketches of my gown, I just finished my lunch and got an idea of sharing this to everyone especially those who are not so good in cooking like me. This is very simple, I learned this when we had a get together of my former officemates, potluck sa food, luckily nakagroup ko si Ate joie at chopsuey ang niluto nya. Nag dadiet na kasi ulit ako now and as much as possible I dont want to eat rice na. My ingredients were not complete, carrots, cabbage at cauliflower lang ang meron ako at liempo, pero small amount lang ng liempo inislice ko lang ng maliliit.
Put the sliced liempo in a pan with a small amount of oil (vegetable oil ang ginagamit ko) pag brownish na sya I put the garlic and soy sauce tapos napansin ko kasi mas matagal maluto ang carrots kesa sa cabbage at cauliflower kaya isnama ko sya agad, then after makita ko na medyo luto na yung carrots saka ko nilagay yung cauliflower at cabbage tapos nilagay ko na yung cover ng pan, i've waited for 5 mins then saka ko nilagay yung Campbell's mushroom classic tapos tinakpan ko ulit , after 10 mins ok na,,, hehehe ang bilis noh, lunch na ako. yummy and healthy!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Flower Balls and Green Cymbidiums

(hope ok lang kina Jayson kung pinost ko dito yung picture na ito, love ko kasi talaga itong flowers sa church, yung bouquet from Scenta flora naman)

Scenta flora is the accredited flower supplier of fernwood and fernbrook, I saw their arrangements from Jayson Arquiza's site and I fell in love with it, it was a red roses flower balls. When I inquired with them, they sent me also the pictures of their bouquets and love ko agad ung green cymbdiums bagay na bagay sa motif namin, maybe i'll just put pink accent para ok na ok na talaga.
Pero gustuhin ko man, out of our budget na sila, I have to let go na lang siguro, i need to find other supplier that can make my bouquet as beautiful as this pero cheaper ang rate. Sa church arrangements naman, it is included na actually sa church namin yung flowers kaya we will ask them if we can upgrade the flowers na lang. Madami kaming nice to have sa wedding pero madami din kaming dapat unahin na mas mahalaga. Dami pa namin kulang sa wedding tapos ang bilis pa ng araw. hay,,, sad!