Friday, November 22, 2013

Touch of Christmas

Christmas is my most favorite holiday ever and it is really best yo celebrate it at home. I am not being insensitive here ha, my thoughts and love are still with the typhoon victims but  I have my own battle also to deal with it is hard kaya to celebrate away from home (which is I know incomparable with what the others' struggles in life) kaya kailangan may pa happy ng konti.

Matagal ko ng gustong magkaroon ng Christmas Village at tuwang tuwa ako sa Santa Claus talaga,, Look what I got as my newest christmas collection,,,

Ang cucute nila di ba,,, There are much affordable pieces of christmas houses/stores in Uniwide daw according to my co N@wies,,, 

Sana talaga makabuo ako ng small village,,, :) 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Blacklist

Hi Friendships!!! musta?

I had a very busy week, helping in organizing bridal shower and bonding with new friends,,, sobrang tight ng community dito maybe because konti lang naman talaga ang Pinoy, madali mag organize ng mga events unlike sa Singapore na grupo grupo lang.

Back to topic hehehe,, gusto ko lang ishare yung tv series that we are currently following yung THE BLACKLIST, mahilig kasi ako sa mga detective stories/CIA/FBI basta yung mga pag solve ng case at mga "mole" sa character, yung mapapag isip ka kung ito ba yung traydor o ano,, the past week e na google ko na at pinanood yung mga Best CIA/FBI na di ko pa napanood dati, if you are like me ng hilig sa movies you will surely love this The Blacklist bago pa lang sya kaya season 1 episode 8 pa lang, kaya kayang kaya pang icatch up yun nga lang I had to wait for a week para mapanood yung next episode hayz,,

here's the trailer

I love James Spader,,,, found also a video during the awards night for Boston Legal where he won as an Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series,,,

Megan Boone is a lot prettier here than in the movie Step Up Revolution,,, basta ibang iba sya,,, 

Good night everyone!!! =)

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

broken hearted :(

I'm sure everyone feels the same with what happened to my fellow kababayans in the Philippines. It is heart breaking, depressing and very painful,,, aw talaga, I can't stand watching the news na sobrang sakit talaga. There are many ways to help kaya please do so, take initiative to help kahit maliit man o malaki sobrang laking bagay na yun and please continue to pray for the Philippines.

Stop na muna ako kasi sobrang durog ang puso ko now. :(

Monday, November 4, 2013

I'm in the mood to sweat

Happy Monday Friendships!!!

I've been a seeker of positivity and betterment,,, but sometimes I am lacking motivation to apply and just fascinated about the ideas. 
But when I woke up today, I am in the good mood and full of energy. My very very sister at heart Majal as I call her had our usual kumustahan over a chat in facebook last week and encouraging me to do yoga, after a few hours my kumare Minette who was my dorm mate in college suddenly messaged me also about exercising and being fit and recommends to try pilates,,, Thank you Lord for sending me my friends as an instruments for me to be productive, busy and healthy :) 

I tried yoga and pilates last week but I had my period and I am not comfortable to do it. I accepted the challenge and joined the 30 Day Yoga Challenge and added the Winsor Pilates. It is good in stretching the body and I feel lighter after and it is also good for my thighs and arms to enhance my skills in playing badminton. 

Come and join me,,, I just had the Day 1 and Day 2 of Erin Motz 30 Day Yoga Challenge and 20 Minutes Winsor Work-out

I lit these scented candles before I started because there's a lot of breathing to do :)

Have fun!!! =)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Foodie: Halayang Ube

Hi friendships, my husband asked why I didn't blog recently, I told him there's nothing exciting to share and I've mentioned here my daily routine life hihihi,,, 

I've been craving for Red Ribbon's ube macapuno cake, it's my favorite,,, I can eat the whole roll in one sitting,,, it's true... no kidding,,, then my bestfriend posted in facebook her housemate's ube halaya, I was salivating for it talaga,, I asked for the recipe and she said the ingredients are so simple if and only if I can find ube here but the stirring part is hard as you need to do it continously,,, 
I went to a nearby store and to my delight I found packs of grated ube, and I bought the rest of ingredients, I just added cheese for a twist,,, I just don't have food color and vanilla extract  pero keri na din hehehe,,, 

grated ube
1 can condensed milk
1 can evaporated milk

Heat a non-stick pan in a medium heat and melt the butter, put the condensed milk and add the cheese , mix it thoroughly, then pour the grated ube and change the heat into low, (make it sure na di hilaw ung grated ube, dapat pala kasi pinakulo ko muna to save me sa mas lalong paghalo hehehe) continue mixing them together until it looks sticky then add the evaporated milk and sugar (depends on how sweet you want it to be) stir continously until you attained the desired texture.

I purposely bought extra milk just in case I need more.

I love how it turned out,,, much much better from halaya ube na molded as fish pag fiesta sa amin na iniiyakan ko pag naubos hehehe,,, 

Happy weekend everyone!!! God bless us. :)