Thursday, June 11, 2015


Hello friendships!!! 😍😍😍

Missing in action na naman ang beauty ko hihihi,,, I will never go into details basta dramarama lang ang peg, nothing serious it's just that I feel that I am experiencing the unsureness of life, tumatanda na talaga feeling ko mid life crisis lang. I was idle and unproductive, I was consumed by negative thoughts and stress. I'm just very lucky that there were some people in my life who were very supportive, loving and praying for me. Iba din ang trip ko lately, I've watched mostly tagalog films, yung tipong sobrang luma like 4 na Maria (tuwang tuwa ako kay Chichay), Anak ni Waray, anak ni Biday (Nida Blanca at Gloria Romero pa), Mga Batang Yagit etc, pati mga movies ni Fernando Poe Jr minarathon ko hihihi. 

How I cope up with stress and depression? Set your mind that you are Happy!!! Everyday my mother will send me text messages and always says "Anak maging masaya ka ..." sobrang cliche' na count your simple blessings that make you happy, it's not that easy kasi we always desire the things that we don't have, but we have to...while we are waiting for what we are hoping for. 

1) Another thing is... Go to your "happy place and order your "happy meal" 
Eating out makes me happy, but since the magic word for us now is "Tipid" we don't do this as often as before. I miss the times when we were in sg and I was working, but my life is different now and I have to embrace it happily! 

Good news is... Starbucks is here... It opened a few weeks ago here in Stavanger. The queue were very long the first time we went there and seats were occupied but since we had an early appointment this morning we were able to have our breakfast there with a very few customers 😊

2) Go back to your interest or find a new one.

Blogging (thank you May and Diane 😍😍😍💖💖💖) and reading books clear my mind and make me go to places in my imagination 

3) Surround yourself with positive and happy people

We were very lucky to have met new friends in the midst of my so called (mid-life crisis) and because of that it made the friendship more special. It is very essential to have a good support system, an inspiration to strive more and be "a better self" everyday. 
God has a lot of ways to comfort us and let us feel His Love... one way is by sending people like you...
Thank you May love you mwahugs 😘😘😘

4) Be Kind

Stress level may eat us up, I am guilty of this, There were days that I wasn't really in the mood at lumalabas ang pagkatigre ko sa asawa ko... hehehe... Sorry Hon for those "ugly monster wifey moments" I admire your unconditional love and patience... I love you ♥️♥️♥️

(photo credits to the owner)

Remember Be Kind...Be Beautiful...

5) Pray and have a strong faith

Prayers are very important in our daily life, when you pray it starts your day with a peaceful heart. And when you have faith to God anything is possible. 
Lord please help me to have a grateful heart every minute of everyday. We Love You 😘😘😘

(photos credit to the owner)