Monday, April 26, 2010

For our Flower Girls

While work is taking most of my time, I am still trying to give some of my time for our wedding preps, thanks to my hubby for patiently waiting for me everytime I have to extend my working hours. Went shopping last friday for our flower girls and female entou, I got emotional when I saw the MOYMOYs for them,, they are still young but I wish that someday they'll find their own Moymoy who will send them to the altar to utter the words I DO.
Hubby got his reward yesterday,,, and it's fulfilling to see him happy!!! love u hon,, mwah! mwah! mwah!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

36 Days To Go!!!

At this time, I learned to let go, I am now contented on what we have now, I dont what to stress ourselves for the little things about the wedding. When we were in the Philippines last Holy Week, I remember my father said to not to worry about others reaction, because we can't please everybody, everybody has to say something, we have limited number of guests, I wanted to invite them all but we have to stick on our budget.
I finally met our coordinator Ms. Clarice, hmmm..happiness... she's such a darling, we discussed everything, she is very organize, Mark has nothing to say but all praises to her. She accompanied us to Dangwa to book for Mang Boy Mahusay for the flowers, she really helped us on what kind of flowers to choose, and im so happy because everyone will have a bouquet on our wedding but still the price is within our budget. ( our PS is 16 pairs, FG is 12.. hehehe). I am so happy on getting her as our coordinator.
We met also with Mr. Lorenz Arquero of Serenata Strings, he is very nice also, we discussed about the songs (entou march, bridal march, first dance, father and daughter dance) to be used, and the rest will be his selections.
We also had our prenup, Lindsay Co-Alog made my hair and make up, then we headed to La Mesa Eco Park to meet with Feliz Christine Diestro my prenup coordinator and Jayson and JOanne Arquiza our photographers. We had a great time working with them, we love our pictures, it's like we are not ngarag days before our prenup shoot.