Sunday, September 25, 2011

Before Ever After by Samantha Sotto

Today is really a happy Sunday for me!!!

Last month I sent an email to Ms. Samantha Sotto to ask her if there is a plan for her to visit Singapore, to my surprise she really replied to my email, being a fan I am so kilig when I received an email from her. 
When she confirmed the date through her facebook fan page I told my husband that I can't miss the opportunity to meet her and to give my support, as a Filipino I am really proud of her. 

She is very pretty and very nice to everyone. She even hugged me!!! 

Thank you so much Ms. Samantha Sotto for sharing your talent through your book. You are such an inspiration to everyone! I can't wait for your second book but for now I will start to flip the pages of your book Before Ever After.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy Yippee Birthday

Weeks before my birthday I was very scared that I may not able to spend it with my hubby, and my only birthday wish was to be home on my birthday. I worked hard, worked long hours just to be home on schedule, Thank God my wish was granted, I'm home 4 days before my birthday.

I love my birthday just as much as I love Christmas, both are same about life, love and celebrations and thanksgiving, and I appreciate my family, my husband, my relatives and friends even more.

Sa aking Inay, maraming maraming salamat po sa pagsilang nyo sa akin, sa lahat ng sakripisyo nyo sa akin ng Ama, lahat po kung ano ako ngayon ay dahil sa inyo. Sa aking kapatid maraming salamat dahil sayo naging ate ako. Mahal na mahal ko kau.

Sa aking butihing kabiyak, maraming salamat sa lahat lahat ng pagmamahal, isa na lang yung wish ko para sa ating dalawa sana magkaanak na tayo,, hehehe,, mahal na mahal kita hon,, birthday mo na din next month,, isipin mo noh, mahigit 1 month na ako bago ka palang isinilang, tapos ikaw pala makakatuluyan ko,, =)
Salamat sa regalo hehhee,, inaasahan ko talaga na meron kasi meron naman palagi,, sana di ka magbago hehehe,, next year ulit ha,, love u,, mwah,, mwah,, mwah!!!


I admitted the fact that I am not artistic and creative, I love arts and I know how to appreciate the beauty of arts. Nowadays a lot of people I know and everywhere I go have DSLR camera, which price of the camera and different lenses were already a fortune for me. When I was a kid we dont have camera, we had one but I think that one was a disposable camera which was just a gift from my aunt, for especial occasions like bdays, christmas we just borrowed from my grandparents which was hidden in my mamay's baul.
Anyways, I just want to share with you the photo I took, i used the instagram application:

                    Para sa akin ang ganda ganda ng picture na to, di na kailangan ang DSLR hehehe,, =)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Crazy Stupid LOVE

Well,, Im finally back,, I went to a place where facebook, youtube and blogger is non existing (which always includes in my daily life here in SG). It was a 24 days of being away to my husband and all those days were all about work, I only went to mall nearby the hotel I was checked in. It was really a struggle for me to be away to my comfort zone, comfort food and being a total stranger in a place wherein I cant speak and understand any single word.
I checked out in the hotel at 5:00 pm on Sept 2, and reached Changi Airport at 5:00 am on Sept 3. My husband was there to fetched me and he even prepared my requested food "afritada" , I was happy also that my friends from college were already moved in and now we are altogether sharing the same house.
After some eating and chit chat, my husband and I went out to watch Crazy Stupid Love, I was got curious because it was trending in N@W. It was really nice movie,, it was light comedy romance, and even it was light romance I still cried, its like it really happening to any couple who'd been very familiar with each other. My husband and I been married for 4 years and we've been together for 10 years in total, and we admit that there were times that there were phases in our relationship when we felt that we were just complacent that we are just there, there were dull moments also but I am happy that we were able to worked things out and we were always get back to the right path of our marriage.

After watching the movie, my husband kept saying that we were soulmates, and that anyone should work hard to be with their soulmate just like what he did to his soulmate, now we are happily together, growing and enjoying with each other.  =)