Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Christmas in my Heart

We are not yet done on decorating our Christmas tree but I am excited to share it here. Christmas is just around the corner and I'm getting busier each day. A little sad because we will not get to celebrate Christmas with our family that's why I am doing whatever I can just to ease that sadness. As for today, I am planning for our menu for noche buena and media noche, I asked my N@w sisters and they have a lot of suggestions, now I am looking for a small chocolate fountain, i also want sana plates na Christmas yung theme, and I think macarons are perfect for media noche, it is round and sweet, but I want it to be set up like I saw from Bizu.
How about you, how's your planning for the holidays? : )

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kuishin Bo

We are now at our new house with our friends, we looooveee it here. This place is nearer to the mrt station, we haven't enjoy the amenities yet as we are still busy fixing our things.
Anyways, this was supposedly just after Mark's bday, but being a food lover I just can't ignore to post this.

Instead of cooking at home, we decided to treat our friends in Kuishin Bo, I was looking for a good buffet which is not too pricey, so i chose Kuishin Bo, at first we were hesitant because we haven't been there, hubby went there earlier just to check if the food is ok.
All in all, we love it there, the staff are all our kababayans, as we enter the restaurant the desserts welcomed us.