Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Theme Of The Year: SUCCESS 2016

Hello Pretties,

The first month of the year is ending so soon, how's everything so far? Before 2015 ended, my group in FB was asking for a theme, everyone shared their  chosen theme and explain why they chose it, and there I came up with my own theme for this year... SUCCESS!!!
Why Success? 2014 and 2015 were not an easy year for us, so many heartbreaking moments and disappointments but the positive side of it is that we CONQUERED all the hardships and blessed that we are still standing strong with so much courage and stronger faith in God. Hubby and I were talking the other day and we looked back for what we encountered last year and we were amazed that we surpassed everything, how God miraculously showed us that He is with us in our journey. All praises to you Lord!
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So why nga ba Success? I want to see many success stories in our lives from small to big things. One of those is the Success of adjusting my body clock, I am an early riser now, yehey. Since we came from our vacation I wake up at 5:45 am, make a simple breakfast and eat breakfast with hubby. So everyday I can say that my morning starts with a successful joy. I feel great that we have a few minutes to bond with each other before he go to work. I have to work on pa on how to be busy the whole day as I am preventing myself from taking a nap or sleeping para I can sleep early at night. You know that I am not the typical housewife, I am not a fan of organizing, decorating and cleaning hahaha, good thing is that my husband is ok with it. But I can assure you that there's always food on our table.
Other good things on setting a theme is that I became calmer and peaceful pramis nagchachat kami ng friend ko and I told her na mas mabait ako ngayon even my husband noticed it. I seldom rant (seldom talaga hahaha I am not perfect) basta hindi na ako mareklamo sa buhay ngayon. I am in a better place now (literally? hehehe ) I am more focused on our time together, no more parties na di ko naman talaga nakahiligan since teenager ako, nagcollege sa manila (so more on free ako magparty if I want) nung mag work, at nung sa singapore days namin we have a small group lang talaga kami lang housemates hehehe. So ang character ko talaga ay homebody hihihi, Homebody talaga hahaha! Ang hirap kasi talaga ng group na malaki and minsan added stress lang talaga. Me kasi I am contented to the few people in my life, meron dito sa online, (blogging and fb group), basta I found 1 or 2 treasured na people lang in every seasons of my life na for keeps talaga.
Basta very good talaga ako ngayong January, what I learned talaga is that starting my day happy makes the entire day happy. I am excited for more small and big daily success stories to unfold.

Kayo what is your theme for this year? Care to share and let me know how it changed your perspective daily.

hugs and kisses!

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  1. Health + Wealth naman ang sa akin. I couldn't decide on a single one so dinoble ko. Hehe. I wish you a success-filled 2016, Giday! Buti ka pa na-achieve mo na ang pagiging morning person, ako kaya kelan. Haha. :)